Affiliate Programme (29/06/2020 @ 13:32:00)

What is an affiliate programme?

It is a form of advertising where an affiliate will display a Castlegate Books banner on their website or blog. The affiliate receives payment from us when a customer orders from us after clicking the banner on the affiliates website.

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up, whether you run a business website or a personal one. To create an affiliate account just enter your contact details and preferred method of payment on our affiliate sign up screen. Once the application is approved then the affiliate account is live.

How does our affiliate programme work?

Affiliates simply sign up through our website by clicking on the Affiliates link in the footer. Once approved, they have a live account with us. The affiliate then downloads our website banner and places it onto their website, blog or email newsletter.

If a visitor to the affiliate's website clicks on the Castlegate Books banner and then makes a purchase from us within thirty days, then the affiliate gets a 5% commission on the sale, excluding any shipping, tax or book token usage. We don't currently operate a second tier affiliate system.

At any time the affiliate can log into their account on our website and see how much commission they have accrued. Commission is paid out by us once the amount accrued by the affiliate reaches £5 GBP or more.

The link via our banner on the affiliate's website can link to any page on our website. For example you may want to have a link to our homepage, or if you are writing a blog article you may want to link to a specific book, section or author. The banners have an optimal size as indicated. If different dimensions are required for your website just let us know. We update our banners every month.

You can leave our affiliate program at any time, at which point you will be paid any outstanding commission owed. There are no costs for you whatsoever.


We do not operate through a third party affiliate system, you deal directly with us.

If you have any additional questions or require clarification just contact us via email.


Here is an example of our current Castlegate Books banner and skyscraper/sidebar ads:


Banner July 2020
Skyscraper July 2020

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