The book of Christmas

The book of Christmas

: The hidden stories behind our festive traditions

by by Christopher Winn
4th October, 2018

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In The Book of Christmas, best-selling author and acclaimed historian, Christopher Winn, casts a revealing eye over the stories, myths and legends of the most celebrated festival of the year: Christmas.

In this lovingly written collection of festive myths, legends and (quite often) bizarre traditions, discover the fascinating truth behind some of our most cherished Christmas rituals and customs.

Along with a detailed Christmas timeline outlining significant moments and stories throughout history as well as the evolution behind many of the more mainstream customs, Christopher Winn unearths all sorts of unusual and symbolic traditions from around the world; from the Druidical origins of the parasitic plant mistletoe and why we now associate it with kissing, to Japan's predilection for a Kentucky Fried Chicken Christmas dinner, to why we send cards, hang decorations, sing carols, eat turkey and much, much more - discover the fascinating truth (and oddities) behind this very special holiday. 

Beautifully produced and charmingly illustrated, The Book of Christmas is a treasure trove of all things Christmas to delight the whole family.
Christopher Winn is a freelance writer and historian, and has been a collector of trivia for over 25 years, during which time he has written and set quiz questions for the Daily Mail,Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Spectator, Daily Express and The Field and has worked on television with Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross, David Frost  and many others. Winn's first bestselling I Never Knew That series has sold over 1 million copies. 

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Author: Christopher Winn

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781784882006

Publication Date: 4th October, 2018

Pages: 159

Dimensions: 216 x 138 x 19 mm

Notes: illustrations (black and white, and colour)

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