He said, she said

He said, she said

: Lessons, stories, and mistakes from my transgender journey

by Gigi Lazzarato
25th March, 2019

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Gigi Gorgeous is beloved for her over-the-top style, her outrageous sense of humour, her larger-than-life romances, and her glam Hollywood lifestyle. Ten years ago, she was a gawky Canadian emo teen named Gregory. Now she brings us on her journey from Gregory to Gigi, going deeper than ever before into her struggles and triumphs as she figured out her identity and learned how to be a woman in the world today. In this hilarious, chatty, and honest memoir, she tells us about her childhood obsessions with femininity, her days as an Olympic-bound diver and early romances, her moment as a high school mean girl, and how her family responded as she figured out her sexuality and gender identity, ultimately coming out of the closet three separate times. She tells us about losing her mom at a tragically young age, and how she learned to grieve. And she takes us inside her first weekend in New York when she first encountered the trans community and recognized herself in those she met. She also walks the reader through her transition, from the hair-raising story of her trachea shave to the intense experience of her facial feminization surgery. And she gets incredibly honest about dating and heartbreak in her stories of falling in love with both men and women, ending with her fairy-tale romance with her fiancé, Nats. Funny and uplifting, with a flair for the outrageous matched by a grounding in authenticity, Gigi offers stories, inspiration, and advice about staying true to yourself no matter what, and how doing so will help you find happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

Details & Specs

Author: Gigi Lazzarato

Publisher: Harmony

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780525573425

Publication Date: 25th March, 2019

Pages: 221

Dimensions: 254 x 178 x 15 mm

Notes: illustrations (chiefly color)

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