The salmon of knowledge

The salmon of knowledge

by Celina Buckley ; illustrated by Celina Buckley
1st March, 2019

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A creatively illustrated retelling of a traditional Irish legend about an enchanted salmon that will impart all the knowledge in the world to the first person who eats it. Finnegas, a wise, elderly poet, spends his days fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge. He meets Fionn, a young boy who hopes to become a brave warrior, but who must first find a poet to instruct him. Follow the story of a young boy who sets out to become a warrior but, in an unexpected twist, acquires much more than he had ever expected to gain.

Details & Specs

Author: Celina Buckley

Publisher: Starfish Bay Children's Books

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781760360702

Publication Date: 1st March, 2019

Dimensions: 266 x 256 x 8 mm

Notes: illustrations (colour)

Availability: Temporarily unavailable

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