Why does the Earth need the moon?

Why does the Earth need the moon?

by Dr Devin Dennie
4th April, 2019

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Explore the science behind what makes the world spin, in over 200 questions children ask about our own planet.

You'll find out fun facts like how the Earth was formed, why we can't live on Mars if the Earth is getting warmer, and many more. This book is perfect for all those curious young minds ages 6-8 that want to discover the wonders of the world.

Children have some of the most enquiring minds on the planet, making them the perfect group for DK's exciting Earth encyclopedia, Why Does The Earth Need The Moon?, which covers all the greatest subjects - from geography, geology and science, to questions about living things, humans and history.

Ideally written for children ages 6-8, this encyclopedia covers all their best and weirdest questions, and some they haven't even thought to ask yet! Did you know that the Earth's biggest waterfall is underwater, or that mountains grow? The genius of this book is the question and answer format that leads children to learn fun facts accompanied by beautiful visual illustrations and photos of our stunning planet. Follow along and take the quizzes along the way to test your general knowledge or even compete with your friends for the best score!

Fantastic Facts For Curious Minds!

Why Does The Earth Need The Moon? answers all the amazing questions children have about the planet they live on. Can you freeze in a desert? Can a cliff turn into sand? Why are places hot or cold? Be surprised by how many answers you get from over 200 questions.

This incredible encyclopedia helps children tackle their burning questions about the massive topic that is our planet. Learn about how oceans start and land begins to form, what lies at the bottom of the sea, and the awesome power of weather. This is an essential book for getting kids to learn about the key issues facing the world today. Discover how global warming is threatening our future and why recycling is so important in keeping the Earth healthy.

Children will love learning from this amazing encyclopedia that is overflowing with questions and answers. This educational book breaks down questions into easy-to-read chunks that will satisfy any curious young mind.

Packed with fantastic facts here's what you'll learn about:
- The formation of the Earth
- Rocks, minerals and mountains
- Our vast oceans
- The sky and weather
- The past, present and future of life on the planet

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Author: Devin Dennie

Publisher: DK Children

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780241358375

Publication Date: 4th April, 2019

Pages: 143

Dimensions: 283 x 222 x 16 mm

Notes: illustrations (colour), maps (colour)

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