Marine A

Marine A

: 'my toughest battle'

by Sgt Alexander Blackman ; foreword by Frederick Forsyth
18th April, 2019

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The fight of my life...

For the first time, a blistering, highly charged account from the man known as 'Marine A' who was at the centre of the controversial murder of a wounded Taliban fighter. His case led to an unprecedented wave of public support which raised over £800,000 to fund his appeal.

The nerve-shredding situations Sgt. Blackman operated within, under sustained attack for long periods, living in the unrelenting horror of a theatre of war, took their toll mentally and physically.

'This book chronicles my young life, my recruitment and training, my first deployments, and then my experiences in the Middle East, where I fought first in Iraq, and later completed two tours of duty in Helmand, Afghanistan - before finally confronting the final moment of my 2011 tour, and the killing of the Afghan insurgent which led to my conviction for murder.
'I confront this moment in a spirit of total honesty, chronicling the weeks and months of a hellish tour that led up to it, the mental frailties the tour exposed - and, without seeking to make excuses, reclaim at least some of that experience for myself.
'This is a searingly honest look at the brutal realities of life in the military.'

Born in Brighton, Alexander Blackman served 16 years in the Royal Marines, completing six operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.
He now works for a company helping veterans back into work.
He lives in rural Somerset with his wife Claire, their dog Dave and their cat Madam Fifi.

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Author: Alexander Blackman

Publisher: Mirror Books

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781912624447

Publication Date: 18th April, 2019

Pages: 295

Dimensions: 238 x 168 x 29 mm

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