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Mysterious Yorkshire

Mysterious Yorkshire
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Mysterious Yorkshire by Rupert Matthews. This is the latest title from best-selling author Rupert Matthews. This is a comprehensive look at strange phenomena, supernatural encounters and folklore in Yorkshire. It presents amazing and mystical tales that will delight and horrify the reader in equal measures.

Yorkshire is simply stunning. So are its mysteries. Yorkshire has developed a character all its own.

That applies as much to its mysterious aspect, as it does to its human or natural faces. The Barguest roams the woods, fields and even the cities of Yorkshire on its eternal, supernatural patrols. The Church Fenton Tiger hit the national headlines in the 2006 and led police a merry dance around the River Ouse.

And Yorkshire had more dragons of more fearsome habits than any other county in England. The identity of Old King Cole is uncertain, but he was probably a Yorkshireman. King Arthur rode this way after the Romans left.

And if local legend is to be believed he is here still, sleeping beneath Richmond until his country needs him once more. Witches, warlocks and wizards have inhabited Yorkshire since time immemorial. Old Mother Shipton worked wonders in her lifetime and foretold the future with uncanny accuracy.

Others indulged in very real forms of 'magic' - hypnotism and medicinal herbs - to achieve good things and gain fame. Wizard Wrightson was a spectacularly successful magic worker of the 19th century. Giants have also walked in Yorkshire, as has the Devil himself and numerous lesser demons.

Springs and wells have miraculous powers, and some have their ghosts. And the fairies and assorted little people dance about on business of their own. There is an intangible quality about Yorkshire that is uniquely mysterious.

It cannot be touched and it cannot be pinned down. The magical and the supernatural are never far away.

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