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Quantum Man

Quantum Man
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Quantum Man by Lawrence M. Krauss. Richard Feynman changed the way we think about quantum mechanics. In this gripping new scientific biography of the revered Nobel Prize-winning physicist (and curious character), Lawrence M. Krauss, himself a theoretical physicist and bestselling author, offers a rollicking narrative coupled with clear and novel expositions of science at the limits.

An immensely colourful persona, Feynman revolutionised our understanding of nature amid a turbulent life. Krauss presents that life-from the death of Feynman's childhood sweetheart during the Manhattan Project to his reluctant rise as a scientific icon-as seen through the science; providing a new understanding of the legacy of a man who has fascinated millions. An accessible reflection on the issues that drive physics today, Quantum Man captures the story of a man who was willing to break all the rules to tame a theory that broke all the rules.

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