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Seven Ages Of Britain

Seven Ages Of Britain
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Seven Ages Of Britain by David Dimbleby. What does the delicate beauty of the Wilton Diptych reveal about medieval Britain? How do Henry Moore's sensuous forms reflect the social upheavals of the twentieth century? Are there any similarities between the minds that produced the Bayeaux Tapestry and Gillray's satirical prints? Why do St Paul's Cathedral and the Brighton Pavilion look the way they do? From the Iron Age onwards, art has been a mirror to the nation -- capturing who we are and heralding the major events of each era. In Seven Ages of Britain David Dimbleby uncovers the fascinating story of how British art reflects our history. Beginning with the mysterious Pictish carvings and Roman mosaics that reveal the legacy of Britain's many invaders, David Dimbleby guides us through our most dramatic eras.

He journeys from the riches of the Middle Ages, to the innovation of the Restoration, the exotica of the British Empire and finally to twentieth-century Modernism. Bringing together leading experts, who vividly capture each period of history, Seven Ages of Britain is a unique exploration of Britain through its most beautiful and influential works of art.

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