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Legerdemain by James J. Heaphey. This is a true story of a barely trained and inexperienced Air Force undercover agent who is sent to Morocco to assist the nationalist movement in breaking away from the teetering French colonial system without the French being made aware. It was Operation Camelback, set in motion by President Truman to safeguard the SAC airbases in Morocco, vital to a bombing run on Moscow if necessary, and a continued maintenance of a secret storage of Atomic bombs, also unknown to the French.The author's mission takes him to the Atlas Mountain garrison of the Foreign Legion, through the bathhouses and alleyways of Casablanca, the exotic Arabian Nights-like Fair in Marrakech and the settings of the privileged in Cairo where he meets the young Anwar Sadat and the former Nazi commando Otto Skorzney. The story unveils the working of MI6, the CIA, French Security Force, Mossad and the KGB.

This story brings to the reader an understanding of the Islamist mind, angry at their European colonial masters, and sets the stage for the Twenty First century.

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James J. Heaphey



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