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Strip Jack

Strip Jack
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The fourth Inspector Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author - 'unmatched in the field of British crime fiction' THE TIMES.

Gregor Jack, MP, well-liked, young, married to the fiery Elizabeth - to the outside world a very public success story. But Jack's carefully nurtured career plans take a tumble after a 'mistake' during a police raid on a notorious Edinburgh brothel. Then Elizabeth disappears, a couple of bodies float into view where they shouldn't, and a lunatic speaks from his asylum...

Initially Rebus is sympathetic to the MP's dilemma - who hasn't occasionally succumbed to temptation? - but with the disappearance of Jack's wife the glamour surrounding the popular young man begins to tarnish. Someone wants to strip Jack naked and Rebus wants to know why...

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The Inspector Rebus series

Ian Rankin

Orion Books



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198 x 131 x 26 mm

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