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Essentials of pharmacology for nurses

Essentials of pharmacology for nurses
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This ideal starter text for student nurses makes pharmacology less intimidating by focusing on the knowledge needed at pre-registration level in order to practice as a newly qualified nurse.

Noted for its clear layout and jargon-free language, this updated edition introduces pharmacology in a friendly, informative way. The book does not assume previous knowledge of pharmacology, or a level of confidence with maths and drugs calculations.

This new edition has been carefully expanded to include a new chapter introducing drug calculations and measurements as well as more detail on drugs used in chronic conditions, as well as more on pharmacology for the older patient and for other specific groups such as children, pregnant women or those with minor illness. More case scenarios have been added to encourage nurses to apply knowledge to a range of different people with a range of needs.

The book contains:

  • 90 calculations and 100 multiple choice questions to help perfect your skills and assess learning
  • Clinical tip boxes linking pharmacology to the role of the nurse
  • 35 patient scenarios across a range of clinical settings
  • References to key clinical tests and the latest NICE guidelines
The book emphasises application of pharmacological principles to all areas of practice including drug action, interaction and side effects, and is useful to all students of pharmacology whether as part of a 3 year course, post-qualifying course, top-up course or standalone module.

This latest edition of a key textbook on pharmacology for nurses has moved forward from previous editions by becoming stronger by the inclusion of a greater scope of material so maintaining its place as an essential pharmacology book for current and forthcoming nursing students in all clinical practice fields to give them a strong evidence base for their studies and clinical practice.
The addition of a chapter on drug calculations is an essential step forward in this edition for all students as this is a key component within all current nursing degree programmes.

The continued use of case studies and clinical tips makes learning fun both as an individual but also in small learning groups of students.
It follows a clear pathway for learning: it is easy to read, is clearly written and shows the importance of aspects of pharmacology within the work of a nurse.
Keith Booles, Senior Nurse Lecturer/Module Leader, Faculty of Health Sciences, Staffordshire University, UK

With the ever evolving role of nursing it is essential, for safe practice, that all nurses have knowledge of pharmacology. This latest edition of essentials of pharmacology for nurses offers just that. This is a well presented book with logical, thought out chapters that enable the reader to learn at their own pace.
Although aimed at undergraduate nurses, I feel that this is a good base to build on pharmacology knowledge, not only for undergraduate nurses but also trained nurses.

Sharon Riverol NHS West Cheshire CCG, UK

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