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The Last Real Austins - 1946-1959

The Last Real Austins - 1946-1959
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The Last Real Austins - 1946-1959 chronicles how Austin overcame the tough period immediately after WWII, and went on to design incredible sports cars, limousines, taxicabs, military vehicles, and trucks, which have never been equaled by a single manufacturer.

Austin was forced to take on world markets because of the British Government's Export or die mandate to help pay off massive war debts. At its peak, Austin was required to export 75% of production, meaning is new lines of vehicles found homes in the four corners of the world, establishing Austin as one of the most recognized auto makers of the era.

The Last Real Austins profiles each model, showing how and where it was used and received. Rare archive material and stunning color photography illustrates each profile, which will be appreciated by enthusiasts and restorers alike.

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