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Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds
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Between Two Worlds by Malcolm Gaskill.

Between Two Worlds is a story of early English settlers in America, the time between the early settlement at Jamestown being set up in 1607 to the horrifying Salem Witch Trials. Malcolm Gaskill looks at how the colonies were seen from the perspective of Britain and how the settlers changed the land and it's inhabitants forever. The whole multitude of human kind are present in this story. From merchants and explorers to soldiers and missionaries. Some settlers were even fugitives, either from poverty or persecution. From this book you can really gain an insight into the mindsets of those travelling to America, often risking their lives in order to become a success in this new land.  
 Plantations from as far afield as Maine down to the Caribbean were an early source of interest, as the colonies grew in size, so their prosperity and fortunes began to change. Inevitably, as settlers made America their home, they would be forced to rethink their attitudes to the country that they had left behind. New ideas began to flourish and a new country began to form.
Author Malcolm Gaskill has made use of countless letters, reports, pamphlets, books and journals to recreate a transatlantic history. An often misunderstood history on both sides of the Atlantic, this book aims to bridge that gap in our understanding.

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