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Body Language

Body Language
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Body Language by once again features press photographer Jude Baxendale, the tenacious heroine of Bernie?s first crime novel If It Bleeds, and is also set in the fictional town of Ravenbridge. "It?s inspired by many northern towns I know and love,? said Bernie. "A strong sense of place in novels is very important to me. Although Ravenbridge exists mainly in my imagination, readers will probably recognise features from all over Yorkshire, from the swollen River Raven, not unlike the Swale in full spate, to the imposing entrance of the train station, reminiscent of Huddersfield Station. Ravenbridge even has a Turkish Baths, but not as grand as Harrogate?s!?
Press photographer Jude Baxendale is brilliant at her job, but she can make serious errors of judgement too. The discovery of a skeleton triggers a violent protest at the local army barracks, where Jude's action saves lives. But when she misreads an anonymous photograph, she goes from hero to zero in the eyes of her hard-nosed editor. The appearance of a second decomposing body close to home sets Jude on the trail of a murderer, someone who is prepared to use brutal methods to prevent her finding out the truth. Her quest leads her into extreme danger where her courage is tested to the limit and where the real meaning of her anonymous picture proves to be both horrific and heartbreaking. If only Jude had understood body language from the start ...
Body Language was inspired by a story she read in the local paper, concerning a body found in a garden. "I haven?t used the actual details of that sad case, but it was the starting point for the events of the novel. I?m also very interested in the way modern media affects our lives. Jude is a brilliant press photographer, but she?s ambivalent about the ever-hungry news machine, where other people?s misery is what reporters happily feed on.?
Three of Bernie?s short stories have been published in the Crime Writers? Association anthologies. One of them, The Golden Hour, was short-listed for a CWA Dagger.

Praise for the first Jude Baxendale mystery 'If it Bleeds':

"A cracking debut ... real menace ... The writing's slick, the plotting tidy and Jude is a refreshing sparky late 30-something heroine ... I devoured IF IT BLEEDS in an afternoon. I hope we see more of Jude." Sharon Wheeler: Reviewing The Evidence

"The novel is pacy, eventful and the violence is tempered by Jude's discomfort about exploiting human tragedy ... An excellent debut for Bernie Crosthwaite." Mary Clarke: Mystery Woman

"IF IT BLEEDS is a fast-moving, tightly-plotted murder mystery which will delight readers who enjoy a good twist." Lynne Patrick: Publisher 

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