The adolescent brain

The adolescent brain

: Changes in learning, decision-making and social relations

by Eveline A Crone
5th December, 2016

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In recent years there have been tremendous advances in understanding how brain development underlies behavioural changes in adolescence. Based on the latest discoveries in the research field, Eveline A. Crone examines changes in learning, emotions, face processing and social relationships in relation to brain maturation, across the fascinating period of adolescent development.

This book covers new insights from brain research that help us to understand what happens when children turn into adolescents and then into young adults. Why do they show increases in sensation-seeking, risk-taking and sensitivity to opinions of friends? With the arrival of neuroimaging techniques, it is now possible to unravel what goes on in an individual's brain when completing cognitive tasks, when playing computer games, or when engaging in online social interactions. These findings help reveal how children learn, control thoughts and actions, plan activities, control emotions and think about intentions of others, offering a new perspective on behaviour and motivations of adolescents.

This is the first comprehensive book to cover the many domains of adolescent brain development, stretching from cognitive to affective to social development. It is valuable reading for students and researchers in the field of adolescent development and developmental cognitive neuroscience and those interested in how the developing brain affects behaviour in the teenage years.

Details & Specs

Series: Essays in developmental psychology

Author: Eveline Crone

Publisher: Routledge

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781138855960

Publication Date: 5th December, 2016

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 235 x 159 x 9 mm

Notes: illustrations (black and white).

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