Garbage Pail Kids

Garbage Pail Kids

by by The Topps Company, Inc ; introduction by Art Spiegelman ; afterword by John Pound
1st April, 2012

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Garbage Pail kids, a series of stickers produced by Topps in 1985 were designed to parody overly saccharine Cabbage Patch Kids. Each sticker card features a Garbage Pail Kid character depicted in a grotesque and biting image, christened with a humourous character name involving wordplay. The series was the creation of Pulizer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman, who in collaboration with other successful artists, turned the cads into a pop-culture phenomenon. Garbage Pail Kids will feature all 206 rare and hard-to-find stickers from Series 1 through 5, originally release in 1985 and 1 986 and contains an introduction by Spiegelman. Garbage Pail Kids includes a limited edition set of four rare and unreleased stickers, is packaged in a wax-coated jacket and is guaranteed to appeal to die-hard collectors as well as a new generation of fans.

Details & Specs

Author: Topps Company

Publisher: Abrams

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781419702709

Publication Date: 1st April, 2012

Pages: 223

Dimensions: 187 x 148 x 26 mm

Notes: chiefly illustrations (colour)

Availability: No longer available

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