Their meant-to-be baby

Their meant-to-be baby

by by Caroline Anderson A mummy for his baby / by Molly Evans
26th January, 2017

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Their Meant-to-Be Baby
by Caroline Anderson

Having discovered her night with surgeon Sam Ryder had unexpected consequences, Kate Ashton is left reeling when he walks into her Emergency Department. Now she'll have to tell the 'emotionally broken' man she's been belatedly warned about that she's pregnant!

Sam's feelings might be frozen, but he wants to be a dad. When Kate reveals she's afraid of becoming a mum, her heartrending story opens Sam's heart. He must convince Kate to give them a chance. This baby was meant to be-perhaps their love is too…

A Mummy for His Baby
by Molly Evans

When Aurora Hunt returns home after an accident, nursing more than 'physical' wounds, she needs local GP and childhood crush Beau Gutterman to help. Only she hadn't counted on his offer of a job…or the attraction that reignites between them!

Recently widowed Beau is bringing up his baby daughter alone, and Aurora's arrival is a gift. He's not ready to move on, but working with Aurora stirs long-buried desires. Could they really heal each other's hearts-and make a family for baby Chloe?

Details & Specs

Series: Medical romance

Author: Caroline Anderson Molly Evans

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780263926293

Publication Date: 26th January, 2017

Pages: 188

Dimensions: 170 x 107 x 24 mm

Availability: Not available publisher indicates OP

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