ACTivate your life

ACTivate your life

by Joe Oliver, Jon Hill and Eric Morris
26th March, 2015

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ACTivate Your Life focuses on helping people to be more open, connected and engaged with their lives, demonstrating how Acceptance Commitment Therapy can be used to tackle a range of problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, anger and depression, as well as providing skills for life enhancement and self-development.

Readers are encouraged to consider what matters to them and will learn techniques to set life directions based on meaningful values. Readers will also be introduced to mindfulness and learn how to use it in everyday life to connect with their actions, experiences and the people around them. The ACT approach also teaches that it's a normal part of being human to have thoughts and feelings that are unpleasant and the most important thing is to respond effectively when these kinds of experiences arise.

The book is aimed at anyone wanting to enhance their life skills, and character stories are used to demonstrate the spectrum of how they might be employed.

JOE OLIVER is a clinical psychologist and Director for Contextual Consulting, a London-based consultancy offering ACT focused training, supervision and psychological therapy. He has also worked within the UK National Health Service for over 10 years and holds a position within a North London NHS Trust.
JON HILL is a corporate trainer and executive coach. He works with companies to help them develop leaders and employees who are healthy, resilient and psychologically flexible.
ERIC MORRIS is a clinical psychologist and researcher based in Melbourne, Australia. Eric has extensive experience in providing contextual cognitive behaviour therapies (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to individuals and groups, along with training and supervising therapists.

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Author: Joseph E Oliver Jon Hill Eric Morris

Publisher: Robinson

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781472111913

Publication Date: 26th March, 2015

Pages: 467

Dimensions: 197 x 129 x 30 mm

Notes: illustrations (black and white)

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