The pet lover's guide to natural healing for cats & dogs

The pet lover's guide to natural healing for cats & dogs

by Barbara Fougère
4th October, 2005

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There is so much new information in the field of veterinary natural therapies. But do they work? Can they help my pet? What can I do at home? The Pet Lover's Guide to Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs, written by a leading veterinary author, covers over 100 common medical problems and the main natural therapies available. This practical book is a great resource for anyone interested in using a natural, holistic approach. Your veterinarian is the medical expert when it comes to your pet's health, but you take care of your pet each day. While it does not take the place of veterinary care, this guide presents practical information so you can talk with your veterinarian about your pet's healthcare options.

  • Full-color line art and photographs illustrate various plants and herbs, and also techniques such as manual therapies, massage, and other hands-on healing techniques in a user-friendly and easily identifiable manner.
  • Special boxes labeled Where We Stand present the author's strong opinions on specific (sometimes controversial) issues in a highlighted, easy-to-find format.
  • Key terms are highlighted, making them easy to locate and reference - these terms are also included in the glossary with clear, simple definitions.
  • Important information is bulleted and placed in a shaded box, bringing the main points to the reader's attention in a quick and useful way.
  • Clear readability makes information easily accessible to pet owners, helping them to better understand natural therapies and their uses in treating pets. It also enables veterinarians to carry the book in their practices and recommend it to clients.
  • Written by established, recognized veterinarians, this book is a reliable source for veterinary professionals.

Details & Specs

Author: Barbara Fougère

Publisher: Saunders

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781416029861

Publication Date: 4th October, 2005

Pages: 628

Dimensions: 216 x 133 x 31 mm

Notes: Colour Illustrations

Availability: Not available publisher indicates OP

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