Pirate radio

Pirate radio

: An illustrated history

by Keith Skues, David Kindred
15th July, 2016

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In an age when the airwaves were tightly controlled by the authorities, pirate radio was the illicit and illustrious haven for music lovers across the nation. From the first broadcast in 1964, the cowboys of the radio world fed their listeners' desire for pop and rock music and, by doing so, changed British radio forever. Through more than 100 crisp, black-and-white photographs, Pirate Radio: An Illustrated History brings to life the 'golden years' of pirate radio. Featuring pictures of the crew, the boats and the fans, this book takes the reader on a journey from the formative years of pirate radio, through its political persecution and beyond.

Details & Specs

Author: Keith Skues David Kindred

Publisher: Amberley Publishing

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781445659053

Publication Date: 15th July, 2016

Pages: 160

Notes: chiefly illustrations

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