The empire strikes back

The empire strikes back

by Archie Goodwin ; art by Al Williamson
27th August, 2015

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As the Imperial Forces regroup from their Death Star setback, they target the new Rebel Alliance base on the ice planet Hoth. Will Darth Vader's AT-ATs find Luke Skywalker, or will a wampa get Luke first? Meanwhile, feelings run high in the galaxy's greatest love triangle, bounty hunters target Han Solo's Millennium Falcon and bloated Jabba the Hutt lies in wait. Luke seeks out the great Jedi Master Yoda on swampy Dagobah, but the Emperor has designs on turning the young Rebel hero. Collecting: Star Wars (1977) 39-44

Details & Specs

Series: Star Wars

Author: Archie Goodwin Al Williamson

Publisher: Marvel Worldwide, Inc.

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780785193678

Publication Date: 27th August, 2015

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 283 x 191 x 11 mm

Notes: chiefly illustrations

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