Learn to code

Learn to code

by Rogers Cadenhead.
28th June, 2025

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There is a growing demand for skilled programmers. The demand is not just for full-time software engineers, but for capable individuals at all levels in all departments. Accounting professionals need to automate spreadsheets; legal professionals need to be able to search using regular expressions instead of static strings; managers need a way to analyze large amounts of data in ways beyond the capacity of their current tools. Philosophy, English, and Marketing graduates are scrambling to pick up programming skills to make themselves more employable.

Computer programming skills are needed for a wide variety of tasks in a wide variety of languages -- from building interactive web pages with HTML5 and JavaScript to creating simple programs with VisualBasic or C to developing sophisticated programs using object-oriented languages like C++, Java or Swift.

When someone from this (huge) market picks up an introductory programming book, they are assaulted with phrases like object-oriented , interfaces , and associative array. Within two pages they are confused and frustrated. They lose hope, thinking I thought this was an introduction. They decide that maybe programming is beyond them after all and move on.

Learn to Code Absolute Beginner's Guide is the remedy to that. It's a clear and fun introduction to the basics of coding for the reader who doesn't know where to begin or which language to learn first. Written by a very popular author in his usual light and funny writing style, this book talks to beginners at their level, walking them through every aspect of how to get started and learn the fundamentals of programming.

The audience is the beginner who knows little or nothing about computer programming but wants to learn more about it before committing to a particular language or platform. Readers learn the basics of programming, including how to organize a program, access and store data, control flow, reuse code, and test and debug. Important concepts, such as variables, operators, file I/O, pointers arrays, and functions are clearly explained at a careful pace suitable for non-programmers.

This is the first coding tutorial to use the ubiquitous, easily accessible JavaScript language to show the beginner the fundamentals of computer programming in a language-neutral fashion, making the book accessible to anyone interested in learning fundamental, universal concepts without committing to particular language or compiler.

It fills an important void in the world of coding books that are often too technical, too language-specific, or that don't let the reader create something fun, visible, and awe-inspiring.
  • Perfect for the beginner who wants to learn coding but isn't sure which language to start with
  • Written by a popular author in a light and humorous writing style
  • Illustrated with short hands-on projects that show you how to build a simple and fun apps
  • Introduces coding in a language-neutral fashion
  • For learners who are new to computer technology, deciding which language to pursue, or simply looking for the quickest route to start programming.

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Author: Rogers Cadenhead

Publisher: Que

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780789757616

Publication Date: 28th June, 2025

Pages: 350

Dimensions: 229 x 178 x 28 mm

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