Makers and takers

Makers and takers

: How Wall Street destroyed Main Street

by Rana Foroohar
31st August, 2017

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Is Wall Street bad for Main Street America?

A well-told exploration of why our current economy is leaving too many behind. -The New York Times

In looking at the forces that shaped the 2016 presidential election, one thing is clear: much of the population believes that our economic system is rigged to enrich the privileged elites at the expense of hard-working Americans. This is a belief held equally on both sides of political spectrum, and it seems only to be gaining momentum.
A key reason, says Financial Times columnist Rana Foroohar, is the fact that Wall Street is no longer supporting Main Street businesses that create the jobs for the middle and working class. She draws on in-depth reporting and interviews at the highest rungs of business and government to show how the financialization of America -the phenomenon by which finance and its way of thinking have come to dominate every corner of business-is threatening the American Dream.
Now updated with new material explaining how our corrupted financial sys-tem propelled Donald Trump to power, Makers and Takers explores the confluence of forces that has led American businesses to favor balance-sheet engineering over the actual kind, greed over growth, and short-term profits over putting people to work. From the cozy relationship between Wall Street and Washington, to a tax code designed to benefit wealthy individuals and corporations, to forty years of bad policy decisions, she shows why so many Americans have lost trust in the sys-tem, and why it matters urgently to us all.
Through colorful stories of both Takers, those stifling job creation while lining their own pockets, and Makers, businesses serving the real economy, Foroohar shows how we can reverse these trends for a better path forward. Rana Foroohar was recently named global business columnist and Associate Editor for the Financial Times. She is also CNN's global economic analyst. 

Prior to joining the FT and CNN, Foroohar was for six years the assistant managing editor in charge of business and economics at TIME, as well as the magazine's economic columnist. She also spent 13 years at Newsweek, as an economic and foreign affairs editor and a foreign correspondent covering Europe and the Middle East. During that time, she was awarded the German Marshall Fund's Peter Weitz Prize for transatlantic reporting. She has also received awards and fellowships from institutions such as the Johns Hopkins School of International Affairs and the East West Center.  She is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Foroohar graduated in 1992 from Barnard College, Columbia University.  She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, the writer John Sedgwick, and her two children, Darya and Alex.

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