Chinese overseas students and intercultural learning environments

Chinese overseas students and intercultural learning environments

: Academic adjustment, adaptation and experience

by Jiani Zhu
17th June, 2016

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What happens when East travels West? In today's increasingly globalized world, these collisions are becoming increasingly common in universities- especially due to the growth of migratory students . As the largest international population studying abroad in the world, Chinese students' learning experience in an intercultural environment calls for more attention. This book covers an array of problems common to Chinese students studying abroad and explores how these students academically adjust to an intercultural environment. It also highlights how they familiarize themselves with the education system, ranging from the types of courses, academic tasks and examinations to the structure of the education as a whole in the host country, as they negotiate the gulf between academic expectations at home versus those in the host university environment and communicate with domestic lecturers and students. 

Jiani Zhu is an Assistant Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the Graduate School of Education, China where her research interests include academic adjustment of international Chinese students and scholars.

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Series: Palgrave studies on Chinese education in a global perspective

Author: Jiani Zhu

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

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ISBN: 9781137533920

Publication Date: 17th June, 2016

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