Thorfinn and the awful invasion

Thorfinn and the awful invasion

by written by David MacPhail ; illustrated by Richard Morgan
20th August, 2015

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Prepare yourself for the wrath of the Norsemen! That is, if you don't mind and it's not too inconvenient...

Everyone knows Vikings are ruthless barbarians whose idea of a good time involves pillaging, plundering and feasting. But Thorfinn is no ordinary Viking! He is always polite and happily offers to wash the dirty dishes. Too bad his dad is Harald the Skull-Splitter, Village Chief and the roughest and toughest Viking of them all.

Tired of Thorfinn and his too-nice ways getting them into trouble, his dad decides it's time for Thorfinn to earn his gruesome Viking name. Stuck on a longboat with a ragtag bunch of adventurers who'd like to throw him overboard, how will the Nicest Viking cope with a dangerous voyage to Scotland?

Thorfinn the Nicest Viking is a funny, illustrated, action-packed new series for young readers which bridges the gap between Horrid Henry and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, set in a world where manners mean nothing and politeness is pointless!

David MacPhail has worked as a chicken wrangler, a ghost-tour guide and a waiter on a tropical island, and he now has the sensible job of writing about yetis and Vikings. David is also the author of An Amazing Illustrated Atlas of Scotland and the Top-Secret Grandad series, and the Velda the Awesomest Viking series. He lives in Perthshire, Scotland.

Details & Specs

Series: Thorfinn the nicest Viking

Author: David MacPhail Richard Morgan

Publisher: Kelpies

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781782501589

Publication Date: 20th August, 2015

Pages: 125

Dimensions: 197 x 158 x 11 mm

Notes: illustrations (black and white), map (black and white)

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