Coles to Jerusalem

Coles to Jerusalem

: A pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Reverend Richard Coles

by Kevin Jackson
8th December, 2016

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On Easter, 2014, Britain's best-loved vicar, the Rev. Richard Coles, led a pilgrimage to all the major historic sites of the Holy Land: from Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee in the North, via Jericho and the Jordan River, to Bethlehem and, finally, Jerusalem. All of the pilgrims in his care were practicing Christians, except one: the writer Kevin Jackson, a diffident and sympathetic atheist intrigued by the chance to take part in this modern-day version of an ancient act of piety, and to learn some more about his old friend, the media clergyman. Coles to Jerusalem is Kevin Jackson's light-hearted diary of that pilgrimage, and a close-up portrait of Richard Coles both as priest and as man. As the journey proceeds, Coles reminisces at length about his past life as a rock star and radical gay agitator, his new life as a spiritual leader and a popular broadcaster on BBC radio and television, and the strange, unpredictable path that led him from self-destructive debauchery to faith and vocation. With a lively supporting cast of fellow pilgrims, Coles to Jerusalem ranges among the magnificence of ancient monuments and the banalities of the guided tour, the grim political background of contemporary Israel, and the comedy of a group of idiosyncratic English folk abroad, the intensity of worship, and the lightness of banter. It will be irresistible to all admirers of Richard Coles, who has contributed a foreword, and it will be a revelation to those who have never encountered his wisdom and warmth.

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Author: Kevin Jackson

Publisher: Pallas Athene

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781843681434

Publication Date: 8th December, 2016

Pages: 127

Dimensions: 112 x 179 x 8 mm

Notes: illustrations (colour)

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