Coping with memory problems

Coping with memory problems

by Dr Sallie Baxendale
20th March, 2014

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For every person who develops Alzheimer's, there are thought to be at least another eight whose memory problems are severe enough to affect the quality of their lives. This book addresses all forms of memory loss, organic and non-organic; it explores all forms of memory loss, organic and non-organic. It suggests practical ways of coping, as well as what to do if you are concerned about your tendency to forget things, or if you are caring for someone who has memory difficulties. Topics include:

different types of memory, such as prospective, autobiographical and procedural
how memory goes wrong - a checklist
why memory might go wrong - normal age-related decline, physical illness, worry, medication, hormonal changes, diet, alcohol, and disease
the role of anxiety, depression and stress in memory problems
dementia and how it might manifest
neurological damage
myths and misconceptions
when to seek further help - tell-tale signs and symptoms

Dr Sallie Baxendale is a consultant clinical neuropsychologist at the Institute of Neurology, University College. She is widely published (the Lancet, the British Journal of Medicine, Neurology) She is author of Epilepsy: Complementary and Alternative Treatments, Sheldon Press.

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