Writing a report

Writing a report

: How to prepare, write & present really effective reports

by John Bowden
16th June, 2011

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Now in its 9th edition, this extensively revised and updated handbook explains how you can write reports that will be: * Read without unnecessary delay * Understood without undue effort Accepted, and where applicable, acted upon / Divided into three parts, the book looks in detail firstly at the practical side of report writing: * Preparation and planning * Collecting and handling information * Writing and revising / Secondly, at the creative side of report writing: * Achieving a good style and choosing the correct words * Improving the overall appearance of reportsĀ  / And thirdly at 23 common types of report, including: * Annual reports/ Appraisal reports * Audit reports Minutes/Progress reports * Student project reports/Technical reports / There is also an extensive glossary and a selection of sample reports. John Bowden is the author of a number of books on written communication in the professional and public spheres, including public speaking, wedding speeches and writing reports.

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Author: John Bowden

Publisher: Robinson

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781845284701

Publication Date: 16th June, 2011

Pages: 239

Dimensions: 233 x 154 x 16 mm

Notes: ill.

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