Help your boys succeed

Help your boys succeed

: The essential guide for parents

by Gary Wilson
30th August, 2008

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At least once a year, around the time of examination results, the papers are full of stories of how boys are underachieving in comparison to girls. While arousing the curiosity, and often deeply troubling the parents of boys, the press, and indeed the government, rarely offers more than the 'laddish culture' or 'anti social behaviour' as the root cause. Parents deserve and need to know the full range of reasons why boys are underachieving and, fundamentally, what they can do to help prevent disaffection and underachievement in their boys. This highly informative and highly practical book contains strong messages about the need to develop independence in boys, the importance of male role models within the close (and extended) family and what to look out for in school, including signs of peer pressure and limiting negative self beliefs. It gives advice on how best to support boys in their learning and in developing self esteem. Gary Wilson is one of the country's leading experts on raising boys' achievement. He is a freelance education consultant, speaker, trainer, author and former teacher with 27 years of experience. Gary has advised and delivered training in over 1,000 schools and over 30 local authorities across the UK, and was Chair of the National Education Breakthrough Program on Raising Boys' Achievement for over a decade. His bestselling books include Breaking Through Barriers to Boys' Achievement and Boys Will Be Brilliant.

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Series: Help Your Child to Succeed

Author: Gary B Wilson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Education

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ISBN: 9781855394490

Publication Date: 30th August, 2008

Pages: 110

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Notes: ill.

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