Back to the rough ground

Back to the rough ground

: Practical judgment and the lure of technique

by by Joseph Dunne ; [foreword by Alasdair MacIntyne]
1st September, 1997

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Back to the Rough Ground is a philosophical investigation of practical knowledge, with major import for professional practice and the ethical life in modern society. Its purpose is to clarify the kind of knowledge that informs good practice in a range of disciplines such as education, psychotherapy, medicine, management, and law. Through reflection on key modern thinkers who have revived cardinal insights of Aristotle, and a sustained engagement with the Philosopher himself, it presents a radical challenge to the scientistic assumptions that have dominated how these professional domains have been conceived, practiced, and institutionalized.

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Series: Revisions

Author: Joseph Dunne

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Press

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780268007058

Publication Date: 1st September, 1997

Pages: 492

Dimensions: 228 x 153 x 30 mm

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