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Germany in the Great War. The opening year

Germany in the Great War. The opening year
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_Germany in the Great War Illustrated Western Front First Year_ is the latest title in a serial publication by historian Joshua Bilton. Advancing the 'German' perspective (including the Ottoman, Bulgar and Austro-Hungarian), this pictorial account illustrates the order of the Central Powers in 1915. Arranged in six chapters, this book covers events in the west: Neuve Chapelle, First Ypres and Loos. The looting of stores, street demonstrations, riots and strikes on the Home Front, the war to the east and the war at sea and finally, one of the great 'what ifs' of the First World War: Gallipoli - a truly international campaign, costing the lives of 130,842 soldiers. For the Central Powers, 1915, was the year offence and quick victory turned to attrition and immobility. This informative text is complemented by over 500, fully captioned, mainly unpublished photographs, authors introduction and a 'German' chronology. A valuable tool for those seeking greater insight into the wider context and conduct of affairs beyond the Western Front and the British standpoint.

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Joshua Bilton

Pen & Sword Military



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246 x 189 x 10 mm

illustrations (black and white), 1 map (black and white)

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