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A general history of the lives, murders and adventures of the most notorious highwaymen
Our Price: £18.00
Captain Charles Johnson's colourful accounts of the most roguish and infamous highwaymen in history comes to life in this new publication featuring the original 1734 engravings alongside additional complementary material from the Library's collections.
Death in fancy dress
Our Price: £8.09
The British Secret Service, working to uncover a large-scale blackmail ring and catch its mysterious mastermind 'The Spider', find themselves at the country residence of Feltham Abbe where a fancy-dress ball is in full swing. In the tumult of revelry, Sir Ralph Feltham is found dead.

Tales of the tattooed
Our Price: £8.09
Uncovering the history of the tattoo in classic fiction for the first time, this original selection depicts the tattoo as a catalyst for scandal in so...
Our Price: £36.00
Accompanying the largest ever display of the British Library's Buddhist treasures, 'Buddhism' follows the key concepts of the exhibition in four main chapters: the life of the historical Buddha, Buddhist philosophy, the spread of Buddhism and Buddhist practice. These chapters are interspersed with short entries explaining the significance of specif

Beyond time
Our Price: £8.09
Time travel has long been a staple of science fiction. Removing the bonds of time on a story allows for many interesting possibilities, but it also presents complicated problems and paradoxes. In this collection, featuring stories from the 1880s to the 1960s, we are taken to the remote future and back to the distant past. We are trapped in an etern
Portrait of a people
Our Price: £27.00
The Central Office of Information Archive at the British Library consists of a unique collection of over 15,000 free information and guidance leaflets, posters, booklets, and other promotional materials dating from the 1940s to 1997. This collection - designed and produced for a range of UK government departments and agencies by the COI - reveals w

The menu
Our Price: £18.00
Fascinating and entertaining, the menu, as a record of the food we eat, tells us much about who we were and how we lived. From the historically signif...
A Children's Literary Christmas
Our Price: £11.69
Immerse yourself in some festive magic with this brand-new collection of the finest Christmas stories, songs and poetry in the English language. 24 se...

Reading room
Our Price: £16.19
This is a playful and provocative collection of 365 extracts sourced from the British Library's collections. Selected to challenge and inform the reader, each excerpt is accompanied by the unique shelfmark number of the source publication. Encompassing a wide range of great works in literature, poetry, essays and letters, historical and scientific
The Christmas egg
Our Price: £8.09
In a gloomy flat off Islington High Street, Chief Inspector Brett Nightingale and Sergeant Beddoes find an old woman dead. The Princess Olga Karukhin, who fled from Russia at the time of the Revolution, has lived in terror of being discovered ever since. Taking place between 22nd and 24th December, Nightingale's enquiry takes him across London, cul

The British Library magnificent maps puzzle book
Our Price: £13.49
The British Library has one of the largest and most impressive cartographic collections in the world, including manuscript maps and atlases, administr...
The illustrated police news
Our Price: £11.69
CHILD CARRIED OFF BY EAGLE! LION'S ADVENTURES IN A PLAYGROUND! MAN KILLED BY A COFFIN! The Illustrated Police News cost just a penny, providing an aff...

Our Price: £27.00
This visually stunning publication highlights the importance of an ocean that covers very nearly a third of the surface of the globe, and which has dr...
Promethean horrors
Our Price: £8.09
From the imaginations of Gothic short-story writers such as Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mary Shelley, and later weirdists such as H.P. Lovec...

Roarings from further out
Our Price: £8.09
From one of the greatest and most prolific authors of 20th century weird fiction come four of the very best strange stories ever told. In The Willows...
Christmas traditions
Our Price: £11.69
This is a stocking-filler-sized compilation of Christmas lore, revealing the intriguing origins of the traditional festivities. 40 short pieces on individual traditions are each accompanied by charming vintage illustrations from the British Library's collection of Christmas books, cards and ephemera.

The Pocket Detective 2
Our Price: £8.09
In these pages lie the clues you will need to crack the most impenetrable of cases. Culprits lurk between the lines of word searches. Imposters are un...
Menace of the monster
Our Price: £8.09
The fact that humanity is not alone in the universe has long preoccupied our thoughts. In this compelling new collection of short stories from SF's classic age, our visions of 'other' are shown in a myriad of forms - beings from other worlds. corrupted lifeforms from our own planet and entities from unimaginable dimensions.

It walks by night
Our Price: £8.09
Ten minutes after the Duc de Saligny entered the card room, the police burst in - and found he had been murdered. Both doors to the card room had been watched yet the murderer had gone in and out without being seen by anyone!
The measure of malice
Our Price: £8.09
The detectives in this collection are masters of scientific deduction, whether they are identifying the perpetrator from a single scrap of fabric, or picking out the poison from a sinister line-up. Containing stories by R. Austin Freeman, J.J. Connington and the master of logical reasoning, Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Measure of Malice' collects tales