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Martin McGuinness
Our Price: £17.99
To look at Martin McGuinness' life is to follow Northern Ireland's own transition from conflict to peace. Martin McGuinness: A Life Remembered tells t...
Scotland the best 100 places
Our Price: £11.69
Peter Irvine, bestselling author of SCOTLAND THE BEST,has selected 100 extraordinary places that epitomise what istruly great about Scotland. This per...

The Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front
Our Price: £19.99
This is the illustrated history of the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front. The life and death of the Waffen SS can be traced in the surviving photographs, and the brooding saga of the decline from triumph into disaster is told through these powerful images which clearly document the reality of combat on the Russian Front.
Afghanistan - Steve McCurry
Our Price: £54.00
Afghanistan has long been a country overwhelmed by tribal rivalries, colonial wars, and geo-political conflict. The Afghans have called their mountain...

Blitzkrieg Poland
Our Price: £14.99
These photographs are taken from three unpublished albums featuring the German invasion of Poland in 1939. One set was taken by an SS officer, another...
Passchendaele, 1917
Our Price: £26.96
In 1914 the area around Ypres was a verdant landscape thick with vegetation, formed and transformed both by nature and human intervention. Before the ...

Derelict London
Our Price: £14.99
______________________________The huge word-of-mouth bestseller - completely updated for 2019THE LONDON THAT TOURISTS DON'T SEELook beyond Big Ben and...
Our Price: £45.00
For over five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated its readers with incredible photography and gripping stories spanning...

Blitzkrieg in the West
Our Price: £14.99
This superbly illustrated book captures the dramatic action of May and June 1940. The speed and ferocity of the German onslaught took the Allies by su...
The battle for the Caucasus 1942-1943
Our Price: £13.49
In late 1942 Hitler's forces advanced far into the Caucasus in the southern Soviet Union in one of the most ambitious offensives of the Second World W...

The Home Front
Our Price: £13.49
Many books have looked at the effect of the war on the Home Front, but this is the first book to take a look at civilian life at home photographically...
Chiang Kai-shek versus Mao Tse-tung
Our Price: £13.49
This volume in the Images of War series is the first photographic history of the Chinese Civil War, fought between Chiang Kai-sheks Nationalists and t...

Magnum contact sheets
Our Price: £31.50
This exceptional book, published here in an accessibly priced paperback format, comes out just as the shift to digital photography threatens to render...
Auschwitz and Birkenau
Our Price: £13.49
Auschwitz and Birkenau were separate from each other,by about a 45 minute walk. Auschwitz was adapted to hold political prisoners in 1940 and evolve...

Imperial German colonial and overseas troops 1885-1918
Our Price: £9.99
Germany's 30-year colonial episode in Africa, the Pacific, and her enclave in China is a relatively unexplored aspect of the country's history. Under ...
Abandoned civilisations
Our Price: £17.99
Ruined cities overgrown by jungle. Towns buried beneath the ground. Statues lying half- hidden in the sand. Why do civilisations collapse? Why are tow...

Our Price: £17.96
The past has never looked so alive as presented on the jaw-droppingly handsome pages of Retrographic, a ground-breaking book hailed in the media as a ...
The vest pocket Kodak & the First World War
Our Price: £7.19
When one thinks about the First World War, one doesn't immediately imagine the soldiers recording the horrors of trench warfare by taking snaps with t...

The Great War illustrated 1916
Our Price: £22.50
The third in a series of five titles, which will cover each year of the war graphically. Many thousands of pictures were taken by photographers on all...
Daniel Kramer. Bob Dylan
Our Price: £50.00
Daniel Kramer's classic Bob Dylan portfolio captures the artist's transformative big bang year of 1964-65. Over the course of a year and a day, Kram...