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Photography: specific techniques

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Tom Ford
Our Price: £76.50
Tom Ford has become one of fashion's great icons. He transformed Gucci from a moribund accessories label into one of the sexiest fashion brands in the...
Our Price: £26.99
How can you create images that are authentic expressions of your vision, images that you are invested in and that foster joy in the process of their c...

Chasing light
Our Price: £26.96
  • Gorgeous pictures of remote places and once-in-a-lifetime moments
  • Modern photography with breathtaking color palettes and amazing lighting
  • Re-learn what you know about the world from a new perspective
The technique of film editing
Our Price: £35.09
Enhanced version of the seminal text on editing includes a new foreword, a new afterword, a revamped cover and layout, as well as a lower price! The ...

Audio postproduction for film and video
Our Price: £28.79
New to this edition:* Learn how many Hollywood techniques--previously impractical on video--can help solve problems on smaller productions* Expanded c...
Black and White Photography in the Digital Age
Our Price: £13.49
Far from spelling the end of black-and-white photography, digital techniques have made many creative processes easier - this is the book that helps de...

Food styling & photography for dummies
Our Price: £17.99
Discover how to style and photograph food like the pros Whether you're taking shots for a foodie blog, advertisements,packaging, menus, or cookbooks, ...
Master shots. Volume 3 The director's vision
Our Price: £14.39
A highly visual exploration of the best shots, moves, and set-ups in the industry. This books reveals the secrets behind each shot's success, so it ca...

Retro cameras
Our Price: £17.06
A generation who have come of age sharing vintage-filtered images via Instagram, developing an obsession with photography, are now seeking the authent...
Expressive nature photography
Our Price: £22.50
Photographer and teacher Brenda Tharp marries photography craft with artistic vision to help intermediate photographers translate what they see into a...

Borrowed light
Our Price: £49.50
Culled from the idiosyncratic collection of photographer and curator Jack Shear, recently gifted to the Tang Teaching Museum, this selection of photog...
Sound design
Our Price: £9.89
Focusing on the importance of the soundtrack, this practical guide uses exercises and a clear text to teach the fundamentals of story creation, character development and sound creation in motion picture production.

The paper time machine
Our Price: £27.00
The Paper Time Machine is a book that will change the way you think about the past.It contains 130 historical black-and-white photographs, reconstruct...
Theories of film editing
Our Price: £29.69
Film and Video Editing Theory offers an accessible, introductory guide to the practices used to create meaning through editing. In this book, Michael ...

Our Price: £22.50
Aerofilms Ltd was born on 9 May 1919. An unprecedented business venture, it hoped to marry the still fledgling technology of powered flight to the dis...
Hide and seek
Our Price: £23.40
A history and theory of the drive to hide in plain sight.Camouflage is an adaptive logic of escape from photographic representation. In Hide and Seek,...

Our Price: £36.00
Michael Kenna is internationally renowned for producing evocative black-and-white images of nature and the urban environment. Often photographing at n...
Hubble's universe
Our Price: £22.50
'Hubble's Universe' will be the premier venue for the Hubble Telescope's most recent visual splendors. Bestselling astronomy writer Terence Dickinson showcases extraordinary late-breaking pictures, many of which have yet to receive wide distribution as news stories or in publications outside scientific papers.

Color and mastering for digital cinema
Our Price: £60.29
Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema explores the implications for motion picture post production processes and changes required to the supporting e...
The underwater photographer
Our Price: £29.69
The award-winning third edition of 'The Underwater Photographer' dragged the topic kicking and screaming in to the digital age and with the fully upda...

Mastering multicamera techniques
Our Price: £35.09
From a basic two-camera interview to an elaborate 26 camera HD concert film, this comprehensive guide presents a platform-agnostic approach to the ess...
Filming the fantastic
Our Price: £34.19
Don't waste valuable time and budget fixing your footage in post! Shoot the effects you want effectively and creatively the first time. This full-colo...

Our Price: £28.79
A must-have read for anyone looking to take their independently-produced film or video into the 3rd dimension. The text features technical, practical,...
Master shots
Our Price: £15.99
Master Shots gives filmmakers the techniques they need to execute complex, original shots on any budget. By using powerful master shots and well-execu...

Underwater photography masterclass
Our Price: £17.99
There is an astonishing world just waiting to be photographed underwater. With marine biologist Dr Alexander Mustard as your guide you can learn all y...
Crime scene photography
Our Price: £73.99
Crime Scene Photography, Third Edition, covers the general principles and concepts of photography, while also delving into the more practical elements...

You are here
Our Price: £18.00
In You Are Here, celebrated astronaut Chris Hadfield gives us the really big picture: this is our home, as seen from space. The millions of us who fol...
Shoot like Spielberg
Our Price: £8.99
Spielberg makes his audience feel something, whether he's shooting a kids' ­adventure, a dramatic chase, or the darkest war scene. The auteur always e...

London rock
Our Price: £45.00
Up close, back stage, tiny gigs, pre-famous - Led Zep to Bowie as you've never seen them.Released to coincide with an exhibition at Proud Central, Lon...
Our Price: £36.00
The images reproduced in this work are photographed by Chloe Sells in Botswana, using large and medium format analogue cameras. The work is printed in...

Our Price: £31.50
Gray Malin's collection of incredible beach photography was a runaway hit. Now the it-photographer takes his astonishing photography beyond the beach....
Expanding universe
Our Price: £40.50
With investigations into everything from black holes to exoplanets, the Hubble Telescope has changed not only the face of astronomy, but also our very...

The complete guide to macro and close-up photography
Our Price: £24.29
The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-Up Photography is a comprehensive handbook on macro and close-up photography, offering both ambitious beginners ...
Impossible photography
Our Price: £16.19
This collection of remarkable pictures from photographers around the globe will tease your eyes and challenge your perception of things by crossing th...

Picture perfect lighting
Our Price: £31.50
Roberto Valenzuela is a photographer and educator who has a talent for identifying areas where photographers regularly hit roadblocks and a passion fo...
Our Price: £27.00
Gray Malin is the artist of the moment for the Hollywood and fashion elite. His awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches around the world are shot ...

England's maritime heritage from the air
Our Price: £31.50
England has a long and involved relationship with the sea. It has provided a final line of defence against invasion, the route over which the country'...
Our Price: £18.00
Florian 'Doc' Kaps tells the amazing story of Polaroid, a photographic medium he helped to rescue from oblivion in 2008. The story starts with visiona...

Digital photography masterclass
Our Price: £18.00
Whether you simply want to take better family photographs or learn creative photography techniques, Tom Ang will teach you everything you need to know...
Cinematography for directors
Our Price: £14.39
Through balancing interviews with working ASC cinematographers and the technical, aesthetic and historical side of cinematography, this text guides directors toward a more powerful collaboration with their closest ally, the cinematographer.

Eadweard Muybridge
Our Price: £13.50
English photographer Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) is a pioneer in visual studies of human and animal locomotion. In 1872, he famously helped settle ...
Paris and its lights
Our Price: £22.50
Photographer Philippe Saharoff reaches beyond the usual clich?s that surround the city of Paris, focusing on its river, the Seine. Through atmospheric...

This is Mars
Our Price: £31.50
This Is Mars offers a thrilling visual experience of the surface of the red planet. The multi-award-winning French editor and designer Xavier Barral...
Setting up your shots
Our Price: £10.79
This is a one-stop encyclopedia of visual storytelling techniques for directors, storyboard artists, film students, home video enthusiasts or anyone who simply wants to learn more about how movies are made.

Philip's 2019 stargazing month-by-month guide to the night sky Britain & Ireland
Our Price: £6.29
IF YOU BUY JUST ONE GUIDE... YOU WON'T DO BETTER THAN THIS BBC Sky at Night Magazine · 12 month-by-month Night ...
Industrial Light & Magic Presents
Our Price: £31.50
Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story is an eyewitness account of the film's production from visual effects supervisor...

Suffolk from the air
Our Price: £13.49
Here we are taken on an aerial journey across Suffolk following an A-Z trail of towns and villages, buildings ancient and modern, with views that we simply cannot appreciate in any other way except from above.
Timing for animation
Our Price: £20.69
A classic of animation education since it first published in 1981. For more than 25 years, copies of Timing for Animation have been sitting dog-eared ...

Concert and live music photography
Our Price: £21.59
If you've ever wanted to take dynamic and vibrant digital photos of your favorite band in concert, but aren't sure how to tackle such obstacles as app...
Suffolk's defended shore
Our Price: £22.50
Suffolk's Defended Shore presents an illustrated history of the development of military defences on the Suffolk coast using data collected as part of ...