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The food medic for life
Our Price: £21.34
As someone who juggles many jobs between being a doctor, a personal trainer and an author, I understand how difficult it can be to prioritise food a...
Emergency admissions
Our Price: £9.69
A glimpse into the extraordinary world of ambulance driving from the man behind the wheel.'Heart-stopping, eye-opening and jaw-dropping. Sometimes pai...

Tender is the scalpel's edge
Our Price: £9.69
Glimpses from the journal of an NHS consultant surgeon. What is it like to be the senior surgeon when a young woman is brought to casualty with a life...
Integrative pediatrics
Our Price: £58.19
Pediatric integrative medicine is a rapidly evolving field with great potential to improve the quality of preventive health in children and expand tre...

A dictionary of nursing
Our Price: £9.69
The new edition of this bestselling and trusted dictionary has been fully updated and revised to take account of recent developments in nursing practi...
Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK
Our Price: £40.73
Always study with the most up-to-date prep! Look for Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK, fifth edition, ISBN 9781506235943, on sale February 5, 2019.Pu...

Freaks, geeks and Asperger syndrome
Our Price: £13.57
Part of the Reading Well scheme. 27 books selected by young people and health professionals to provide 13 to 18 year olds with high-quality support, i...
The 150 healthiest foods on earth
Our Price: £15.51
This is a comprehensive user-friendly guide to preventing, reversing, and managing chronic pain form two of the top leading specialists in the field t...

A mind of your own
Our Price: £12.60
Depression is one of the UK's leading causes of disability. One in four women in their 40s are prescribed antidepressant drugs BUT depression is a sig...
Mathematics for the life sciences
Our Price: £71.78
An accessible undergraduate textbook on the essential math concepts used in the life sciencesThe life sciences deal with a vast array of problems at d...

Our Price: £8.72
Viruses are big news. From pandemics such as HIV, to swine flu, and SARS, we are constantly being bombarded with information about new lethal infectio...
They Called It Shell Shock
Our Price: £24.25
They called it Shell Shock provides a new perspective on the psychological reactions to the traumatic experiences of combat. In the Great War, soldier...

Rare Vascular Disorders
Our Price: £43.65
In this era of evidence-based medicine, clinicians treat common conditions according to guidelines and protocols derived from the results of randomise...
Am I dreaming?
Our Price: £9.69
'Wonderful' Philosophy Now __________________________ When a computer goes wrong, we are told to turn it off and on again. In Am I Dreaming?, scienc...

Breakfast with the centenarians
Our Price: £10.66
Learn the art of growing old from the supercentenarians living life to the fullest. It's said that life begins at 40 - but that number is constantly ...
Oxford textbook of advanced heart failure and cardiac transplantation
Our Price: £110.95
Heart failure is epidemic throughout the world. A growing incidence and prevalence has resulted in a large population of individuals transitioning to ...

Our Price: £8.72
Enzymes are the astonishing, tiny molecular machines that make life possible. Each one of these small proteins speeds up a single chemical reaction in...
The conversation
Our Price: £12.60
In this enlightening (Jane Brody, New York Times) book, Harvard Medical School physician Angelo E. Volandes offers a solution to traumatic end-of-li...

Our Price: £53.35
Indigenous elites and Creole identity in colonial Mexico, 1500-1800
Our Price: £21.33
Modern Mexico derives many of its richest symbols of national heritage and identity from the Aztec legacy, even as it remains a predominantly Spanish-...

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