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Can we be happier?
Our Price: £22.00
Most people now realise that economic growth, however desirable, will not solve all our problems. Instead, we need a philosophy and a science which en...
Also human
Our Price: £16.99
'Written with perceptive sympathy for the wounded healer, it is necessary reading for both doctors and patients.' Hilary Mantel 'Crucial and timely.' ...

Grief works
Our Price: £9.99
Death is the last taboo in our society, and grief is still profoundly misunderstood. So many of us feel awkward and uncertain around death, and shy aw...
Our Price: £19.99
Self-neglect covers a wide range of behaviours, from neglecting to care for one's personal hygiene and health to one's surroundings; this can include ...

Brain food
Our Price: £14.99
A call to action to prevent a brain health crisis - does for diet what Why We Sleep does for sleep 'One of the most exciting reads on brain health tha...
Depressive illness
Our Price: £9.99
If you have depression, don't blame yourself or wonder if you and God have somehow failed each other. Mental and emotional health issues strike the st...

Our Price: £16.99
*Observer Book of the Week* *Harper's Bazaar 10 Women Who Will Shape What You Watch, See and Read in 2020* 'Striking and original' Cathy Rentzenbri...
The best interests assessor practice handbook
Our Price: £20.99
Best Interests Assessors (BIA) are specialist practitioners with a unique professional identity. This is the first book to consider this complex role ...

Our Price: £12.99
Asylums is an analysis of life in total institutions --closed worlds like prisons, army camps, boarding schools, nursing homes and mental hospitals. ...
How to change your mind
Our Price: £20.00
The No.1 New York Times Bestseller'Reminds us that the mind is the greatest mystery in the universe' Yuval Noah Harari, Guardian, Books of the YearCou...

How to tell depression to piss off
Our Price: £13.99
Depression sucks, but you don't.Trying to manage the range of symptoms that depression throws at you is like navigating the dark ocean floor when you ...
Improving mental health through social support
Our Price: £22.99
Social support is the everyday assistance offered by family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, as well as the foundations of support in a range of n...

Our Price: £56.00
People with mental illness commonly describe the stigma and discrimination they face as being worse than their main condition. Discrimination can perv...
Get Your Sh*t Together Journal
Our Price: £14.99
Do you work too much, play too little and never have enough time to devote to the people and things that truly make you happy? If yes, then pause, br...

Owning it
Our Price: £10.99
'Offers a frank and funny approach to the ins and outs of anxiety - what it is, why it happens, and how to manage it. I love Caroline Foran's message ...
OCD - tools to help you fight back!
Our Price: £18.99
This workbook is for patients undergoing an evidence-based 14-session programme to treat OCD in young people which was pioneered by the Maudsley Hospital. It's to be used in conjunction with the Manual for Therapists OCD - Tools to Help Young People Fight Back!

Death of a translator
Our Price: £14.99
'Death of a Translator is a powerful and personal read. Ed Gorman discusses his experiences in an incredibly open and moving way. His story is an exam...
I had a black dog
Our Price: £7.99
'I Had a Black Dog says with wit, insight, economy and complete understanding what other books take 300 pages to say. Brilliant and indispensable.' - ...

Towards a mental health system that works
Our Price: £29.99
Research has established that there are efficacious psychological therapies for most common mental disorders. In Towards a Mental Health System That W...
Life under fire
Our Price: £20.00
Learn how to manage stress, harness fear, and develop the mindset required to thrive under pressure in the powerful and inspiring new book from Jason ...

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