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Our Price: £16.99
From the Wellcome Prize-winning author of It's All in Your Head Brainstorm examines the stories of people whose symptoms are so strange even their doc...
Neurology & neurosurgery
Our Price: £25.95
Eureka: Neurology and Neurosurgery is an innovative book for medical students that fully integrates core science, clinical medicine and surgery. T...

The neuroscientist who lost her mind
Our Price: £16.99
'Oliver Sacks-meets-When Breath Becomes Air ... Barbara Lipska's remarkable story illuminates the many mysteries of our fragile yet resilient brains...
Just one more question
Our Price: £8.99
The No 1 Bestseller'Compelling ... colourful, thoughtful' Sunday Independent'Tubridy's compassionate, no-nonsense approach makes him a comforting guid...

Networks of the brain
Our Price: £32.00
An integrative overview of network approaches to neuroscience explores the origins of brain complexity and the link between brain structure and functi...
Neurological differential diagnosis
Our Price: £44.99
This unique text fills the gap between shorter texts, containing little explanatory material, and the compendia, for those advanced in the field of ne...

Autism and solution-focused practice
Our Price: £10.99
To help clients with autism think differently about their future, practitioners need to think differently about autism...Solution-focused practice is ...
Can I tell you about Asperger syndrome?
Our Price: £8.99
Meet Adam - a young boy with AS. Adam invites young readers to learn about AS from his perspective. He helps children understand the difficulties face...

Our Price: £20.00
'Wonderfully clear, fluent and eye-opening' THE TIMES'A stirring scientific journey, a celebration of human diversity and a call to rethink the unthi...
Overcoming obsessive thoughts
Our Price: £15.99
Although once thought to be a rare and unusual condition, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has become increasingly a part of everyday discourse as ...

Auditory neuroscience
Our Price: £32.00
An integrated overview of hearing and the interplay of physical, biological, and psychological processes underlying it.Every time we listen-to speech,...
Matchstick man
Our Price: £8.99
Julia Kelly met a charismatic and successful artist, Charlie Whisker, while she was working on her first novel. He was twenty years older than her. Th...

Practical approach to electroencephalography
Our Price: £69.99
Why consult encyclopedic references when you only need the essentials? Practical Approach to Electroencephalography, by Mark H. Libenson, MD, equips y...
Addiction recovery management
Our Price: £109.99
Addiction Recovery Management: Theory, Research, and Practice is the first book on the recovery management approach to addiction treatment and post-tr...

Our Price: £9.99
World-renowned neuroscientist Beau Lotto reveals the truths of human perception and devises a cognitive toolkit for how to succeed in a world of unce...
Our Price: £45.00
What does it mean to say that a certain set of spikes is the right answer to a computational problem? In what sense does a spike train convey informat...

Optimal health with Parkinson's disease
Our Price: £21.50
Safely integrate complementary, alternative, and lifestyle medicine with conventional medicine in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.For many with P...
Brain food
Our Price: £14.99
A call to action to prevent a brain health crisis - does for diet what Why We Sleep does for sleep 'One of the most exciting reads on brain health tha...

The man who mistook his wife for a hat
Our Price: £9.99
With an introduction by Will Self.A classic work of psychology, this international bestseller provides a groundbreaking insight into the human mind.If...
The man who mistook his wife for a hat
Our Price: £9.99
In his most extraordinary book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Oliver Sacks recounts the stories of patients lost in the bizarre, apparently ...

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