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Psychotherapy: child & adolescent

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A volcano in my tummy
Our Price: £10.99
A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger presents a clear and effective approach to helping children and adults alike understand and ...
Starving the anxiety gremlin
Our Price: £12.99
Children's Choice Winner at the School Library Association's Information Book Awards 2014 The Anxiety Gremlin loves one thing - to feed on your anxie...

Starving the anger gremlin for children aged 5-9
Our Price: £12.99
Help children to understand and manage their anger with this fun and imaginative workbook.The Anger Gremlin is a naughty creature and his favourite fo...
Banish your self-esteem thief
Our Price: £14.99
Part of the Reading Well scheme. 35 books selected by young people and health professionals to provide 13 to 18 year olds with high-quality support, i...

The psychology of babies
Our Price: £18.99
Winner of the British Psychological Society Book Award for Best TextbookAn instructive and accessible account of the psychological development of chil...
Starving the anger gremlin
Our Price: £12.99
Meet the anger gremlin: a troublesome pest whose favourite meal is your anger, and the more he eats the angrier you get! There's only one way to stop ...

Banish your body image thief
Our Price: £14.99
Part of the Reading Well scheme. 35 books selected by young people and health professionals to provide 13 to 18 year olds with high-quality support, i...
A short introduction to helping young people manage anxiety
Our Price: £12.99
Anxiety is an increasingly common problem in young people, but there are many different causes and types, and it can be difficult to know where to sta...

DBT therapeutic activity ideas for working with teens
Our Price: £22.99
This fun and engaging activity book helps to teach teens to manage emotions and develop relationships by tracking their progress using Dialectical Beh...
Pediatric disorders of regulation in affect and behavior
Our Price: £44.99
Pediatric Disorders of Regulation in Affect and Behavior, second edition is a skills-based book for mental health professionals working with children ...

Growing pains
Our Price: £9.99
'A remarkable, powerful, tender and insightful book that will change lives' Stephen Fry'A unique book . . . The stories [Shooter] tells are poignant a...
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Diary
Our Price: £12.99
Let's begin to talk about our mental health and page by page, bit by bit, we will be okay Drawing on her experience of living with OCD and her journe...

Case formulation with children and adolescents
Our Price: £26.99
Highly practical and accessible, this book shows how to synthesize complex information about child and adolescent mental health problems into clinica...
Trauma-proofing your kids
Our Price: £13.99
Now in 15 languages. Understand the different types of upsets and traumas your child may experience-and learn how to teach them how to be resilient, ...

Child development and the brain
Our Price: £21.99
This accessibly written textbook explores how our increasing knowledge of neuroscience and advances in methods of investigation is changing our unders...
Observing children with attachment difficulties in preschool settings
Our Price: £22.99
For preschool children with emotional difficulties arising from difficulties in attachment, standard observations used in early years settings are not...

What to do when you don't want to be apart
Our Price: £14.50
Hot air balloon pilots have wonderful adventures, where they get to see things they have never seen before and learn all about the world outside. Flyi...
What to do when bad habits take hold
Our Price: £14.50
Nail biting. Thumb sucking. Hair twirling. Scab picking. Shirt chewing. Do you have a habit that's hard to stop? A habit that embarrasses you or gets ...

Working with anger and young people
Our Price: £16.99
Understanding the roots of anger and encouraging appropriate and acceptable ways of expressing this are essential skills for anyone working with young...
Helping children develop a positive relationship with food
Our Price: £14.99
This simple, insightful resource explains how to help children develop a healthy relationship with food. Giving practical guidance on how to support lasting positive eating behaviours in children, it includes valuable information and advice about how to resolve issues including fussy eating, obesity, and special needs related feeding difficulties.

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