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Chess Structures
Our Price: £19.99
Chess Structures by Mauricio Flores Rios. Standard patterns and plans are explained.   Mauricio Flores Rios provides an in-depth study of ...
Soviet Chess Primer
Our Price: £15.99
Soviet Chess Primer by Ilya Maizelis.   "A remarkable book, from which I learnt to play chess." Garry Kasparov   "A wonderful book." A...

The Best of Lone Pine
Our Price: £18.95
The Best of Lone Pine by Grefe, Jogn & Waterman, Dennis. This book covers the history of the tournament year on year, statistics, games and the play...
Tea Cozies 3
Our Price: £9.99
Tea Cozies 3 by Sian Brown, Alison Howard, Vanessa Mooncie. This is the 3rd in a range of bestselling titles for making tea cozies & sure to be ...

Knitted Meerkats
Our Price: £8.99
Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford. The growing popularity of meerkats over the last few years has elevated them to something approaching cult status...
Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic
Our Price: £6.99
Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic by Karl Fulves. Karl Fulves shows beginners how to perform 56 tried and tested, crowd pleasing card tricks.

The Penguin Book Of Card Games
Our Price: £12.99
The Penguin Book Of Card Games by David Parlett. "The Penguin Book of Card Games" is the authoritative up-to-date compendium, describing an abundanc...
Brilliant Online Poker
Our Price: £9.99
Brilliant Online Poker by Paul Lester. Poker, both online and in the real world is expanding like a supernova. More and more people are playing at h...

My System
Our Price: £16.99
My System by Aron Nimzowitsch. For the first time, an English-speaking audience can appreciate the true nature of this famous, classic chess book as...
The Mammoth Book Of The World's Greatest Chess Games
Our Price: £12.99
The Mammoth Book Of The World's Greatest Chess Games by Graham Burgess, Dr John Nunn & John Emms. The 125 greatest chess games of all time, select...

Batsford's Modern Chess Openings
Our Price: £17.99
Batsford's Modern Chess Openings by Nick de Firmian. The standard reference work on chess openings for more than half a century, earning the epithet...
Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors - Part 1
Our Price: £27.00
Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors - Part 1 by Garry Kasparov. The battle for the World Chess Championship has witnessed numerous titanic strug...

Researching Your Family History
Our Price: £14.99
Researching Your Family History by Pam Ross. Family history research has come a long way in the last few years as the internet makes information eas...
My Family History
Our Price: £9.99
My Family History by Helen Tovey. Family histories are an endlessly fascinating subject. And now, actively tracing one's ancestry has become a massi...

Track Down Your Ancestors
Our Price: £5.99
Track Down Your Ancestors by Estelle Catlett. Since its first publication, twenty years ago, "Track Down Your Ancestors" has helped thousands of rea...
Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors
Our Price: £12.95
Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors by Rachel Bellerby. This fully revised second edition of Rachel Bellerby's best-selling guide is essential reading ...