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Maritime history

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Scotland's fishing boats
Our Price: £14.54
THE coasts of Scotland are a goldmine for fishing boats new and old, and this latest selection from James Pottinger covers a huge variety of them - fr...
Conspiracies at sea
Our Price: £19.39
Great disasters always attract conspiracy theories and this is just as true of disasters at sea as it is of those on land or in the air. The sinkings ...

Catching thunder
Our Price: £12.60
December, 2014: In the forbidding waters off Antarctica, Captain Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker sets off on a voyage unlike any seen before. Across ten...
The sea and civilization
Our Price: £26.68
A monumental, wholly accessible work of scholarship that retells human history through the story of mankind's relationship with the sea. An accomplis...

Sentinels of the sea
Our Price: £19.35
Lighthouses have always unsettled and attracted in equal measure, highlighting the triumphs and failures in humanity's battle with the forces of natur...
Our Price: £24.25
On a typical day during the Second World War, Winston Churchill, as Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, issued numerous memos to the ministers and...

HMS Belfast pocket manual
Our Price: £8.72
A familiar sight on the Thames at London Bridge, HMS Belfast is a Royal Navy light cruiser, launched in March 1938. Belfast was part of the British na...

Medieval maritime warfare
Our Price: £24.25
Following the fall of Rome, the sea is increasingly the stage upon which the human struggle of western civilization is played out. In a world of few r...
The edge of the world
Our Price: £9.69
Featured in New York Times: 100 Notable Books of 2015Michael Pye's The Edge of the World is an epic adventure: from the Vikings to the Enlightenment, ...

Last man off
Our Price: £10.66
In the depths of Antarctic winter, hundreds of miles from land or rescue, a small fishing boat is swallowed by waves as high as houses. The captain is...
Our Price: £29.10
A unique chronology, Titanic: A Journey Through Time tells the captivating full story, moment by moment, from the birth of the key players to the late...

Running a big ship
Our Price: £12.60
Having completed the highly prestigious commission of commanding HMS Hood, then the most famous warship in the world, in her halcyon pre-war years, Captain Rory O'Conor brought together all of his experiences to create the ultimate officers' guide for running a steel fighting ship. Published in 1937, and now recognized as one of the most influentia
The barbary pirates 15th-17th centuries
Our Price: £12.60
For the best part of three centuries the 'corsairs' or pirates from the 'Barbary' coasts of North Africa dominated the Western and Central Mediterrane...

The boundless sea
Our Price: £16.99
Darwin's Odyssey
Our Price: £7.75

The Queen's Pirate
Our Price: £7.75
Pepys's navy
Our Price: £73.24
This reference book describes every aspect of the English navy in the second half of the 17th century, from the time when the Fleet Royal was taken into Parliamentary control after the defeat of Charles I, until the accession of William and Mary in 1689 when the long period of war with the Dutch came to an end.

HMS Pickle
Our Price: £14.54
The smallest ship in Nelson's fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar was the curiously-named HMS Pickle. The ship was a topsail schooner and, though deemed too small to take park in the fighting, it distinguished itself as the ship to bring Captain John Lapenotiere with the news of Nelson's victory at Trafalgar and his death. The schooner set off on Octo
Handling cargo
Our Price: £19.39
Freighters of the 1950s and '60s - with masts, booms and hatches - were the last of their generation. It was the end of an era, just before the massiv...

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