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Lost city of the Incas
Our Price: £9.99
First published in the 1950s, this is a classic account of the discovery in 1911 of the lost city of Machu Picchu.In 1911 Hiram Bingham, a pre-histori...
The horse, the wheel, and language
Our Price: £25.00
Roughly half the world's population speaks languages derived from a shared linguistic source known as Proto-Indo-European. But who were the early spea...

National Archaeological Museum, Athens (English language edition)
Our Price: £17.50
Distributed by University of Exeter Press.
The Oxford history of ancient Egypt
Our Price: £12.99
The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt uniquely covers 700,000 years of ancient Egypt from the stone age to the Roman conquest. The story of the ancient ...

A portable cosmos
Our Price: £25.49
In 1901 divers salvaging antiquities from a Hellenistic shipwreck serendipitously recovered the shattered and corroded remains of an ancient Greek gea...
The Anglo-Saxon fenland
Our Price: £29.95
Archaeologies and histories of the fens of eastern England, continue to suggest, explicitly or by implication, that the early medieval fenland was dom...

Our Price: £8.99
Who were the Druids? What do we know about them? Do they still exist today? The Druids first came into focus in Western Europe - Gaul, Britain, and ...
Our Price: £16.99
A beautifully illustrated account of the history and archaeology of an iconic feature of the English landscape, as part of the stunning Landmark Libra...

The story of Silbury Hill
Our Price: £14.99
The Story of Silbury Hill sets out the archaeological story of Silbury: from an early recognition of its importance to antiquarian and archaeological ...
The traffic systems of Pompeii
Our Price: £68.00
The Traffic Systems of Pompeii is the first sustained examination of the development of road infrastructure in Pompeii-from the archaic age to the eru...

Prisse d'Avennes. Egyptian Art
Our Price: £15.00
A lifelong devotee of ancient Egyptian and Oriental culture, the French author, artist, and scholar Achille-Constant-Théodore-Émile Prisse d'Avennes...
An archaeology of human decapitation burials
Our Price: £30.00
This is an in depth yet accessible study of human decapitation burials in Roman Britain. Dr Katie Tucker studied this subject for her doctorate and so...

Tutankhamun's footwear
Our Price: £195.00
The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time. It took Carter and...
Amarna's leatherwork. Part 1 Preliminary analysis and catalogue
Our Price: £195.00
The ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna (or Amarna, ancient Akhetaten) was the short-lived capital built by the controversial Pharaoh Akhenaten, p...

Medieval garments reconstructed
Our Price: £25.00
Short introduction to the amazing finds of garments from the Norse settlement of Herjolfnes in Greenland by Else Østergård. Chapters on technique: p...
The archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy
Our Price: £28.99
The Archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy provides an overview of all excavations that have been conducted at Troy, from the nineteenth century through ...

Chariots in ancient Egypt
Our Price: £125.00
Chariots, the racing cars of the ancient world, first appeared in Egypt about 1600 BC, and quickly became not only the preferred mode of transport for...
Against the grain
Our Price: £20.00
An Economist Best History Book 2017   History as it should be written. -Barry Cunliffe, Guardian   Scott hits the nail squarely on the head by expos...

The History of Phoenicia
Our Price: £32.50
The history of the Phoenicians, explorers and merchants, is little known. What a paradox for this ingenious people, who invented the alphabet, to have...
Farming transformed in Anglo-Saxon England
Our Price: £34.99
Anglo-Saxon farming has traditionally been seen as the wellspring of English agriculture, setting the pattern for 1000 years to come - but it was more...

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