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The voyage of the Beagle
Our Price: £3.99
With an Introduction by David Amigoni. Charles Darwin's travels around the world as an independent naturalist on HMS Beagle between 1831 and 1836 impr...
Our Price: £14.99
Algebra: A Complete Introduction is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use introduction to using Algebra.Written by a leading expert, this book will h...

The life and death of stars
Our Price: £29.70
In this well-illustrated text, Kenneth R. Lang explains the life cycle of stars, from the dense molecular clouds that are stellar nurseries to the eni...
The scientists
Our Price: £13.50
'To say this series is empowering doesn't do it justice. Buy a copy for your daughters, sisters, mums, aunts and nieces - just make sure you buy a...

Nanostructures and nanotechnology
Our Price: £51.29
Focusing on the fundamental principles of nanoscience and nanotechnology, this carefully developed textbook will equip students with a deep understand...
The Biology of Agroecosystems
Our Price: £34.99
Since the advent of agriculture approximately 12,000 years ago, human activity has created a unique set of ecosystems. However, the recent development...

Our Price: £14.99
Calculus: A Complete Introduction is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use introduction to using calculus. Written by a leading expert, this book wil...
Our Price: £13.49
Maths does not have to be difficult. This book, complete with exercises and answers, forms a course which will take you from beginner or intermediate ...

Our Price: £45.00
Refurbishment Projects explores the planning of alteration and refurbishment construction projects, involving complex activities such as collecting and analysing various sources of information related to the existing structure, end-of-lifecycle operations and the safety risks of potentially unknown conditions.
Introduction to elementary particle physics
Our Price: £44.99
The second edition of this successful textbook is fully updated to include the discovery of the Higgs boson and other recent developments, providing u...

Our Price: £13.49
Do you need to gain confidence with handling numbers and formulae? Do you want a clear, step-by-step guide to the key concepts and principles of stati...
Gravitation and spacetime
Our Price: £56.69
The third edition of this classic textbook is a quantitative introduction for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. It gently guides students...

Introduction to aberrations in optical imaging systems
Our Price: £92.70
The competent and intelligent optical design of today's state-of-the-art products requires an understanding of optical aberrations. This accessible bo...
Source mechanisms of earthquakes
Our Price: £52.19
This book presents an innovative new approach to studying source mechanisms of earthquakes, combining theory and observation in a unified methodology,...

How to write and illustrate a scientific paper
Our Price: £16.19
This compact and easy-to-read book contains essential advice on how to take a manuscript from planning right through to publication. It will help both...
Physical principles of remote sensing
Our Price: £45.89
Fully updated and containing significant new material on photography, laser profiling and image processing, the third edition of this popular textbook...

Weirder maths
Our Price: £9.99
Even the most enthusiastic of maths students probably at one time wondered when exactly it would all prove useful in 'real life'. Well, maths reaches ...
Why every fly counts
Our Price: £25.19
This book discusses the beneficial and harmful effects of insects and explains their development and significance for biodiversity.Threatening pests o...

Studies in the theory of random processes
Our Price: £9.89
This text is devoted to the development of certain probabilistic methods in the specific field of stochastic differential equations and limit theorems...
Alex's adventures in numberland
Our Price: £9.89
The world of maths can seem mind-boggling, irrelevant and, let's face it, boring. This groundbreaking book reclaims maths from the geeks. Mathematical...

Introduction to cosmology
Our Price: £39.99
This second edition of Introduction to Cosmology is an exciting update of an award-winning textbook. It is aimed primarily at advanced undergraduate s...
Quantum computing since Democritus
Our Price: £36.99
Written by noted quantum computing theorist Scott Aaronson, this book takes readers on a tour through some of the deepest ideas of maths, computer sci...

Cambridge IGCSE combined science. Student book
Our Price: £26.99
Collins Cambridge IGCSE? Combined Science provides full coverage of all core and extended topics in the new syllabus in one book. Carefully developed ...
Plant variation and evolution
Our Price: £41.99
We are in the midst of a biological revolution. Molecular tools are now providing new means of critically testing hypotheses and models of microevolut...

Quantum field theory and the standard model
Our Price: £58.49
Providing a comprehensive introduction to quantum field theory, this textbook covers the development of particle physics from its foundations to the d...
STP mathematics. 8 Student book
Our Price: £24.99
This third edition of the best-selling STP Mathematics series provides all the support you need to deliver the 2014 KS3 curriculum. These student book...

The singular universe and the reality of time
Our Price: £20.00
Cosmology is in crisis. The more we discover, the more puzzling the universe appears to be. How and why are the laws of nature what they are? A philos...
Epistemic Cultures
Our Price: £29.66
How does science create knowledge? Epistemic cultures, shaped by affinity, necessity, and historical coincidence, determine how we know what we know. ...

STP mathematics. 9 Student book
Our Price: £24.99
This third edition of the best-selling STP Mathematics series provides all the support you need to deliver the 2014 KS3 curriculum. These student book...
How numbers work
Our Price: £11.69
Think of a number between one and ten. No, hang on, let's make this interesting. Between zero and infinity. Even if you stick to the whole numbers, th...

The hadal zone
Our Price: £49.49
The hadal zone represents one of the last great frontiers in marine science, accounting for 45% of the total ocean depth range. Despite very little re...
Our Price: £7.99
The importance of complexity is well-captured by Hawking's comment: Complexity is the science of the 21st century . From the movement of flocks of b...

Wonders beyond numbers
Our Price: £8.99
In this book, Johnny Ball tells one of the most important stories in world history - the story of mathematics. By introducing us to the major charac...
Our Price: £8.09
Part of the ALL-NEW LADYBIRD EXPERT SERIES.- What is Gravity?- How does it work?- And why are there extreme gravitational environments?EXPLORE how gra...

Introduction to graphene-based nanomaterials
Our Price: £71.99
Beginning with an introduction to carbon-based nanomaterials, their electronic properties, and general concepts in quantum transport, this detailed pr...
The bride of science
Our Price: £11.69
Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron was born in 1815 just after the Battle of Waterloo, and died aged 36, soon after the Great Exhibition of 1851...

Alex through the looking-glass
Our Price: £9.89
From triangles, rotations and power laws, to fractals, cones and curves, bestselling author Alex Bellos takes you on a journey of mathematical discove...
Modern regression techniques using R
Our Price: £24.29
Statistics is the language of modern empirical social and behavioural science and the varieties of regression form the basis of this language. Statist...

The scientific exploration of Venus
Our Price: £35.99
Venus is the brightest 'star' in the night sky and it has been observed since ancient times. Often dubbed Earth's 'twin', it is the planet most simila...
Essentials of general, organic, and biochemistry
Our Price: £50.39

An innovative text from a highly experienced lecturer, this book offers a truly integrated approach to the course. Featuring numerous health applications, examples from clinical practice, and problem-solving support, students have everything they need to learn the fundamentals of chemistry in the context of their future profession.

Measuring the universe
Our Price: £22.49
Astronomy is an observational science, renewed and even revolutionized by new developments in instrumentation. With the resulting growth of multiwavel...
Our Price: £8.99
Many are familiar with the beauty and ubiquity of fractal forms within nature. Unlike the study of smooth forms such as spheres, fractal geometry desc...

Study guide and solutions manual for organic chemistry
Our Price: £24.29
Written by Organic Chemistry co-author Neil Schore, this invaluable manual includes chapter introductions that highlight new materials, chapter outlines, detailed comments for each chapter section, a glossary, and solutions to the end-of-chapter problems, presented in a way that shows students how to reason their way to the answer.
Progressive collapse of structures
Our Price: £69.98
The building codes are becoming more explicit in their progressive collapse requirements. This leads to an increased demand for guidance among structural engineers. The new edition intends to better address this demand by more comprehensively referring to code requirements and by including more application examples and graphical material.

Our Price: £7.99
Numbers are integral to our everyday lives and feature in everything we do. In this Very Short Introduction Peter M. Higgins, the renowned mathematics...
The animal kingdom
Our Price: £7.99
The animal world is immensely diverse, and our understanding of it has been greatly enhanced by analysis of DNA and the study of evolution and develop...

Basic water treatment
Our Price: £51.30
Presenting not only the basics of water treatment, but also the theoretical support necessary for the student and specialist, this text includes data on water quality standards, as well as discussion of carbon absorption, membrane processes, disinfection, water demands and waste stream disposal.
Principles of life
Our Price: £44.09
With its first edition, Principles of Life provided a textbook that cut through the excessive detail and factual minutiae to focus on what matters most in biology today.?Now?this thoroughly updated new edition focuses on the vision to evolve with today's changing biology classroom.

Discovering the scientist within
Our Price: £50.39

In this breakthrough first edition, authors Gary Lewandowski, Natalie Ciarocco, and David Strohmetz draw on their extensive classroom experiences to introduce research methodology in a highly effective, thoroughly engaging new way, maximizing students' familiarity with every step of the process.

Modern electrodynamics
Our Price: £49.49
An engaging writing style and a strong focus on the physics make this comprehensive, graduate-level textbook unique among existing classical electroma...