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Groups & group theory

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Groups and symmetries
Our Price: £49.99
- Combines material from many areas of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and analysis, so students see connections between these areas - Appli...
Lie groups beyond an introduction
Our Price: £89.99
This book takes the reader from the end of introductory Lie group theory to the threshold of infinite-dimensional group representations. Merging algeb...

Galois Theory Through Exercises
Our Price: £24.99
This textbook offers a unique introduction to classical Galois theory through many concrete examples and exercises of varying difficulty (including co...
Discrete Groups, Expanding Graphs and Invariant Measures
Our Price: £59.99
In the last ?fteen years two seemingly unrelated problems, one in computer science and the other in measure theory, were solved by amazingly similar t...

Social and economic networks
Our Price: £42.00
Networks of relationships help determine the careers that people choose, the jobs they obtain, the products they buy, and how they vote. The many aspe...
University of Toronto Mathematics Competition (2001-2015)
Our Price: £44.99
This text records the problems given for the first 15 annual undergraduate mathematics competitions, held in March each year since 2001 at the Univers...

An introduction to knot theory
Our Price: £53.99
A selection of topics which graduate students have found to be a successful introduction to the field, employing three distinct techniques: geometric ...
Our Price: £7.99
In the 1800s mathematicians introduced a formal theory of symmetry: group theory. Now a branch of abstract algebra, this subject first arose in the th...

Social groups in action and interaction
Our Price: £51.99
Social Groups in Action and Interaction reviews and analyzes the human group as it operates to create both social good and, potentially, social harm. ...
Diversity and complexity
Our Price: £22.00
This book provides an introduction to the role of diversity in complex adaptive systems. A complex system--such as an economy or a tropical ecosystem-...

Geometric group theory
Our Price: £133.00
The key idea in geometric group theory is to study infinite groups by endowing them with a metric and treating them as geometric spaces. This applies ...
Classical groups, derangements, and primes
Our Price: £53.99
A classical theorem of Jordan states that every finite transitive permutation group contains a derangement. This existence result has interesting and ...

Groups, rings, modules
Our Price: £21.99
This classic monograph is geared toward advanced undergraduates and graduate students and presupposes some familiarity with sets, groups, rings, and v...

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