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Differential & Riemannian geometry

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General relativity
Our Price: £24.95
Based on a course taught for years at Oxford, this book offers a concise exposition of the central ideas of general relativity. The focus is on the ch...
Discrete Groups, Expanding Graphs and Invariant Measures
Our Price: £59.99
In the last ?fteen years two seemingly unrelated problems, one in computer science and the other in measure theory, were solved by amazingly similar t...

Differential geometry
Our Price: £54.99
This text presents a graduate-level introduction to differential geometry for mathematics and physics students. The exposition follows the historical ...
Semi-Riemannian geometry
Our Price: £49.99
This book is an exposition of semi-Riemannian geometry (also called pseudo-Riemannian geometry)--the study of a smooth manifold furnished with a metri...

Introduction to smooth manifolds
Our Price: £72.00
This book is an introductory graduate-level textbook on the theory of smooth manifolds. Its goal is to familiarize students with the tools they will n...
Nevanlinna Theory
Our Price: £49.99
This book deals with the classical theory of Nevanlinna on the value distribution of meromorphic functions of one complex variable, based on minimum p...

Riemannian geometry
Our Price: £44.99
Intended for a one year course, this text serves as a single source, introducing readers to the important techniques and theorems, while also containi...
Geometric integration theory
Our Price: £74.99
This textbook introduces geometric measure theory through the notion of currents. Currents, continuous linear functionals on spaces of differential fo...

Geometry in a Fréchet context
Our Price: £59.99
Many geometrical features of manifolds and fibre bundles modelled on Fréchet spaces either cannot be defined or are difficult to handle directly. Thi...
Calabi-Yau manifolds and related geometries
Our Price: £54.99
This is an introduction to a very active field of research, on the boundary between mathematics and physics. It is aimed at graduate students and rese...

Geometric Measure Theory
Our Price: £49.99
This book is a major treatise in mathematics and is essential in the working library of the modern analyst. (Bulletin of the London Mathematical Soc...
Synthetic differential topology
Our Price: £50.00
This book formally introduces synthetic differential topology, a natural extension of the theory of synthetic differential geometry which captures cla...

Elementary differential geometry
Our Price: £29.99
Elementary Differential Geometry presents the main results in the differential geometry of curves and surfaces suitable for a first course on the subj...
Differential geometry
Our Price: £14.49
An introductory textbook on the differential geometry of curves and surfaces in 3-dimensional Euclidean space, presented in its simplest, most essenti...

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