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Fundamentals and advanced techniques in derivatives hedging
Our Price: £49.99
This book covers the theory of derivatives pricing and hedging as well as techniques used in mathematical finance. The authors use a top-down approach...
Geostationary satellites collocation
Our Price: £109.99
Geostationary Satellites Collocation aims to find solutions for deploying a safe and reliable collocation control. Focusing on the orbital perturbatio...

Numerical Optimization
Our Price: £64.99
This book starts with illustrations of the ubiquitous character of optimization, and describes numerical algorithms in a tutorial way. It covers funda...
Introduction to evolutionary computing
Our Price: £35.99
The overall structure of this new edition is three-tier: Part I presents the basics, Part II is concerned with methodological issues, and Part III dis...

Traffic flow dynamics
Our Price: £64.99
This textbook provides a comprehensive and instructive coverage of vehicular traffic flow dynamics and modeling. It makes this fascinating interdiscip...
Predictive control for linear and hybrid systems
Our Price: £52.99
Model Predictive Control (MPC), the dominant advanced control approach in industry over the past twenty-five years, is presented comprehensively in th...

Handbook of spectrum auction design
Our Price: £83.99
Following the successful PCS Auction conducted by the US Federal Communications Commission in 1994, auctions have replaced traditional ways of allocat...
Mathematical modeling
Our Price: £79.99
The new edition of Mathematical Modeling, the survey text of choice for mathematical modeling courses, adds ample instructor support and online delive...

Graphs, networks and algorithms
Our Price: £74.99
From the reviews of the previous editions .... The book is a first class textbook and seems to be indispensable for everybody who has to teach combin...
Security relations between China and the European Union
Our Price: £26.99
Over the past decade, the EU and China have expanded their relations beyond a focus on economic and trade issues to the sphere of security. Taking a b...

Online optimization
Our Price: £86.50
The objective of ONLINE OPTIMIZATION is to provide a systematic survey of the methodology. From the methodological survey, the book then covers a vari...
Machine learning refined
Our Price: £60.99
Providing a unique approach to machine learning, this text contains fresh and intuitive, yet rigorous, descriptions of all fundamental concepts necess...

Introduction to nonlinear optimization
Our Price: £93.95
This book provides the foundations of the theory of nonlinear optimization as well as some related algorithms and presents a variety of applications f...
Evaluating gas network capacities
Our Price: £100.00
This book addresses a seemingly simple question: can a certain amount of gas be transported within a pipeline network? The question is difficult, howe...

Minimum-volume ellipsoids
Our Price: £70.95
This book, the first on these topics, addresses the problem of finding an ellipsoid to represent a large set of points in high-dimensional space, whic...
Derivative-Free and Blackbox Optimization
Our Price: £69.99
This book is designed as a textbook, suitable for self-learning or for teaching an upper-year university course on derivative-free and blackbox optimi...

Differential games in industrial economics
Our Price: £24.99
Game theory has revolutionised our understanding of industrial organisation and the traditional theory of the firm. Despite these advances, industrial...
Introduction to computable general equilibrium models
Our Price: £105.00
This book provides an accessible, undergraduate-level introduction to computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, a class of model that has come to p...

Repeated games
Our Price: £42.99
Three leading experts have produced a landmark work based on a set of working papers published by the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics ...
Numerical PDE-constrained optimization
Our Price: £49.99
This book introduces, in an accessible way, the basic elements of Numerical PDE-Constrained Optimization, from the derivation of optimality conditions...

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