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Game theory

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One step ahead
Our Price: £16.99
The world's best negotiators have moved beyond the conventional wisdom by utilising cutting-edge studies and real-world results. It's time you did too...
The many worlds of Hugh Everett III
Our Price: £19.49
Peter Byrne tells the story of Hugh Everett III (1930-1982), whose many worlds theory of multiple universes has had a profound impact on physics and...

Game theory
Our Price: £50.00
The definitive introduction to game theoryThis comprehensive textbook introduces readers to the principal ideas and applications of game theory, in a ...
The grammar of society
Our Price: £21.99
In The Grammar of Society, first published in 2006, Cristina Bicchieri examines social norms, such as fairness, cooperation, and reciprocity, in an ef...

The art of strategy
Our Price: £13.99
Game theory means rigorous strategic thinking. It's the art of anticipating your opponent's next moves, knowing full well that your rival is trying to...
Game design theory
Our Price: £36.99
Despite the proliferation of video games in the twenty-first century, the theory of game design is largely underdeveloped, leaving designers on their ...

The infinite game
Our Price: £16.99
The video games textbook
Our Price: £56.99
The Video Games Textbook takes the history of video games to another level, with visually-stimulating, comprehensive, and chronological chapters that ...

Games and mathematics
Our Price: £17.99
The appeal of games and puzzles is timeless and universal. In this unique book, David Wells explores the fascinating connections between games and mat...
The zoologist's guide to the galaxy
Our Price: £18.99
DISCOVER HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS - ON EARTH AND IN SPACE'Crawls with curious facts' The Sunday Times'A fascinating plunge into the deep-time history of ...

Introducing game theory
Our Price: £7.99
When should you adopt an aggressive business strategy? How do we make decisions when we don't have all the information? What makes international envir...
Twenty lectures on algorithmic game theory
Our Price: £25.99
Computer science and economics have engaged in a lively interaction over the past fifteen years, resulting in the new field of algorithmic game theory...

The infinite game
Our Price: £14.99
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe New York Times-bestselling author of Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, and Together Is Better offers a bold new approach ...
Choice theory
Our Price: £8.99
We make choices all the time - about trivial matters, about how to spend our money, about how to spend our time, about what to do with our lives. And...

Differential games in industrial economics
Our Price: £24.99
Game theory has revolutionised our understanding of industrial organisation and the traditional theory of the firm. Despite these advances, industrial...
How to be strategic
Our Price: £14.99
'A comprehensive, concise, and practical guide that will enable anyone, in any situation, to develop their strategic thinking' Tiffani Bova, Chief Gro...

The evolution of human co-operation
Our Price: £88.99
How do people living in small groups without money, markets, police and rigid social classes develop norms of economic and social cooperation that are...
Essential linear algebra with applications
Our Price: £54.99
Rooted in a pedagogically successful problem-solving approach to linear algebra, the present work fills a gap in the literature that is sharply divide...

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