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Nonlinear science

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There Is No Theory of Everything
Our Price: £45.99
The main purpose of this book is to introduce a broader audience to emergence by illustrating how discoveries in the physical sciences have informed t...
The nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Our Price: £72.00
This book is an interdisciplinary introduction to optical collapse of laser beams, which is modelled by singular (blow-up) solutions of the nonlinear ...

Attractors Under Discretisation
Our Price: £49.99
This work focuses on the preservation of attractors and saddle points of ordinary differential equations under discretisation. In the 1980s, key resul...
Our Price: £39.99
This book is ideal for teaching students in engineering or physics the skills necessary to analyze motions of complex mechanical systems such as space...

Adhesive particle flow
Our Price: £109.00
Offering a comprehensive treatment of adhesive particle flows, this book adopts a particle-level approach oriented toward directly simulating the vari...
An introduction to continuum mechanics
Our Price: £67.99
This best-selling textbook presents the concepts of continuum mechanics in a simple yet rigorous manner. It introduces the invariant form as well as t...

Symmetry, phase modulation and nonlinear waves
Our Price: £62.99
Nonlinear waves are pervasive in nature, but are often elusive when they are modelled and analysed. This book develops a natural approach to the probl...
Ergodic theory
Our Price: £53.99
This text is a rigorous introduction to ergodic theory, developing the machinery of conditional measures and expectations, mixing, and recurrence. Be...

Data assimilation
Our Price: £54.99
This book provides a systematic treatment of the mathematical underpinnings of work in data assimilation, covering both theoretical and computational ...
Our Price: £32.99
This book is an introduction to several active research topics in Foliation Theory and its connections with other areas. It contains expository lectur...

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