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Maths for scientists

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Weird maths
Our Price: £12.99
Is anything truly random? Does infinity actually exist? Could we ever see into other dimensions? In this delightful journey of discovery, David Darli...
Tools for computational finance
Our Price: £64.99
Computational and numerical methods are used in a number of ways across the field of finance. It is the aim of this book to explain how such methods w...

Maths for chemists
Our Price: £24.95
The two volumes of Maths for Chemists provide an excellent resource for all undergraduate chemistry students but are particularly focussed on the need...
1089 and all that
Our Price: £8.99
David Acheson's extraordinary little book makes mathematics accessible to everyone. From very simple beginnings he takes us on a thrilling journey to ...

Mathematical methods for physics and engineering
Our Price: £39.99
The third edition of this highly acclaimed undergraduate textbook is suitable for teaching all the mathematics for an undergraduate course in any of t...
Mathematics for the life sciences
Our Price: £74.00
An accessible undergraduate textbook on the essential math concepts used in the life sciencesThe life sciences deal with a vast array of problems at d...

A biologist's guide to mathematical modeling in ecology and evolution
Our Price: £70.00
Thirty years ago, biologists could get by with a rudimentary grasp of mathematics and modeling. Not so today. In seeking to answer fundamental questio...
Practical statistics for the analytical scientist
Our Price: £29.95
Analytical chemists must use a range of statistical tools in their treatment of experimental data to obtain reliable results. Practical Statistics for...

Feedback systems
Our Price: £74.00
This book provides an introduction to the mathematics needed to model, analyze, and design feedback systems. It is an ideal textbook for undergraduate...
Automated solution of differential equations by the finite element method
Our Price: £89.99
This book is a tutorial written by researchers and developers behind the FEniCS Project and explores an advanced, expressive approach to the developme...

Data analysis
Our Price: £31.99
Focusing on Bayesian methods and maximum entropy, this book shows how a few fundamental rules can be used to tackle a variety of problems in data analysis. Topics covered include reliability analysis, multivariate optimisation, least-squares and maximum likelihood, and more.
Comprehensive Applied Mathematical Modeling in the Natural and Engineering Sciences
Our Price: £69.99
This text demonstrates the process of comprehensive applied mathematical modeling through the introduction of various case studies.  The case studies...

Computational Science and Engineering
Our Price: £70.00
Encompasses the full range of computational science and engineering from modelling to solution, both analytical and numerical. It develops a framework...
Measurements and their uncertainties
Our Price: £19.99
This hands-on guide is primarily intended to be used in undergraduate laboratories in the physical sciences and engineering. It assumes no prior knowl...

Is that a big number?
Our Price: £18.99
Impressive statistics are thrown at us every day - the cost of health care; the size of an earthquake; the distance to the nearest star; the number of...
Mathematics & climate
Our Price: £62.95
Mathematics and Climate is a timely textbook aimed at students and researchers in mathematics and statistics who are interested in current issues of c...

Maths skills for A level biology
Our Price: £12.50
This handbook specifically targets the mathematical elements of A Level Science, whichever specification you're following. Includes plenty of practice...
Design and analysis of gauge R&R studies
Our Price: £71.50
Provides a protocol for conducting gauge repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) experiments, which are required whenever a new test system is dev...

Computational statistics in the Earth sciences
Our Price: £62.99
Based on a course taught by the author, this book combines the theoretical underpinnings of statistics with the practical analysis of Earth sciences d...
Our Price: £39.99
This friendly self-help workbook covers mathematics essential to first-year undergraduate scientists and engineers. In the second edition of this high...

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