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Cosmology & the universe

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Our universe
Our Price: £9.99
A world-renowned astrophysicist takes us through the huge, unfolding history of the universeThe night sky is an endless source of wonder and mystery....
How to build a universe. Part 1
Our Price: £9.99
The Infinite Monkey Cage, the legendary BBC Radio 4 programme, brings you this irreverent celebration of scientific marvels. Join us on a hectic leap ...

Welcome to the universe
Our Price: £34.00
The New York Times bestselling tour of the cosmos from three of today's leading astrophysicistsWelcome to the Universe is a personal guided tour of th...
A brief history of time
Our Price: £9.99
Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries?These are just some of the questions co...

Until the end of time
Our Price: £25.00
From the world-renowned physicist and bestselling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos, a captivating exploration of deep time ...
The elegant universe
Our Price: £10.99
'Compulsively readable...Green threatens to do for string theory what Stephen Hawking did for holes' New York TimesIn this international bestseller, C...

Sacred geometry
Our Price: £5.99
Sacred geometry is one of the oldest subjects on Earth, from the great Pyramid to Gothic Architecture to modern design, certain timeless and universal principles have been studied, contemplated and put to use. This book covers the golden section, two-dimensional grids and more.
Ad astra
Our Price: £16.99
'I could have done with a copy of Ad Astra in December 2015!' - Tim Peake'A wonderful, wise and witty guide for space explorers everywhere.' - Richard...

Subquantum Kinetics
Our Price: £34.99
Subquantum kinetics is a revolutionary physics methodology that was inspired by advances in our understanding of how non-equilibrium reaction systems ...
The holographic universe
Our Price: £10.99
'There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it - from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons - are only ...

Human universe
Our Price: £25.00
Top ten Sunday Times Bestseller'Engaging, ambitious and creative' GuardianWhere are we? Are we alone? Who are we? Why are we here? What is our future?...
Our Price: £20.00
For decades, beloved astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has interpreted science with a combination of brainpower and charm that resonates with fans ev...

Wild embers
Our Price: £12.99
A stunning collection of poetry on feminism, trauma, survival and empowerment.You cannot burn awayWhat has always been aflameWILD EMBERS explores the ...
Parallel worlds
Our Price: £10.99
From the bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible, Michio Kaku's Parallel Worlds takes us to the frontiers of scientific knowledge to explain ...

Covariant loop quantum gravity
Our Price: £42.99
Quantum gravity is among the most fascinating problems in physics. It modifies our understanding of time, space and matter. The recent development of ...
Welcome to the universe. The problem book
Our Price: £30.00
An essential companion to the New York Times bestseller Welcome to the UniverseHere is the essential companion to Welcome to the Universe, a New York ...

The cosmic web
Our Price: £16.99
A gripping first-person account of how scientists came to understand our universe's mysterious structureJ. Richard Gott was among the first cosmologis...
Our Price: £30.00
Turn your eyes to the skies with this cosmic compendium. Beginning with the Big Bang and following the history of space right up to the latest discove...

Stephen Hawking
Our Price: £20.00
*One of the biggest books of the autumn according to The Times and Guardian*'An intimate, unique, and inspiring perspective on the life and work of on...
You are the universe
Our Price: £12.99
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER'The rock star of the new spirituality' The GuardianIn this book, that combines cutting edge science with real world appl...

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